Holiday Events - 2018

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  1. I looked on all the balloons but there isn't one that I know of on it
  2. Well I opened all my presents from emc.
    I got:
    2 Elytras
    1 ESCD
    10 Bottle o' Enchanting
    7 Diamonds
    1 Shulker Shell
    1 Creeper Head
    2 Golden Apples
    1 TNT
    1 Wither Skeleton Skull
    1 Golden Carrot
    1 Ghast Heart

    Merry Christmas
  3. Well Merry Christmas all and make sure to spend time with family and have an amazing New Year as well
  4. I'd be interested. No one else has been on when I log in. Maybe I'm on the wrong SMP or something. I've been writing down the locations of the chests I've found thus far (12), and their prizes if I claim them.
  5. Well I got bored waiting and started to go around, I don't have the exact cords written down but iv been making a map of where all the chests are. I have 23 as of writing. Waiting on finding those last 7 since those obviously must have some pretty good stuff if I can't find them so easily.
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  6. Santa got trapped under /event (smp9). Ho Ho Halp!!
  7. Have you gotten out? Have you tried /event and just respawn back up top?
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  8. :rolleyes:;):D
  9. I have 17 chests written down thus far. Also, there's 32 chests, so if you found 23, you still need to find 9 more, not 7. :p

    Did you happen to find a way into the room in the lake? There's glass and it's all lit up, but I haven't found a way to get in and there might be a chest down there.

    Unless staff WANTS us to think there's a way down there and there's really not. :eek:
  10. Thanks for the tip in-game, but the chorus fruit does nothing underwater for me and on land I zip everywhere but the cave. Oh well.
  11. Its under the first brige when u di /event
  12. I know about that secret room at the spawn, but there's a lit up area across the giant bridge in the water that's got stuff in it, but no way in.
  13. That you know of ;)
  14. :eek:

    I hope there's an actual way in besides chorus fruit, because the latter is so random I could eat a DC of them and likely still not get in.
  15. i can tell you there is no chest in it, i also did not found a legit way to get in it
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  16. what room is this? I cant seem to find it......
  17. Looks really astounding from the pictures! I feel tempted to log in just to see the buildings. Good job build team! Merry Christmas to everyone <3
  18. PMed you.

    If anyone else is keeping track of chest locations, want to exchange lists? I've found 23/32 chests so far. PM me.
  19. Merry christmas :)

    I think this actually is one of the few things that is significantly easyer with OCPD :p
  20. Merry Christmas everyone, have a wonderful one!