Holiday Events - 2018

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  1. Well done build team! It looks stunning! :D
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  2. Looks amazing! Well done build team and Staff! :D
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  3. Perfect preparation for my studying abroad in Osaka!
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  4. I've only found ten chests so far...hereeee, chesties chesties chesties, I wanna get me some more presents~ :D
  5. I personally already got 15 chests, this build is amazing, as my first winter on emc this is a nice place to hang :) great job build team, I can tell this took a while, also nice idea krysyy
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  6. Neaaat, I love the idea of celebrating the holiday in a different continent, and it looks amazing! Hehe, new promos I hear? Yay!
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  7. Wow this looks great! :D
    The build team and staff did an amazing job, and I love the idea! I'll definitely have to come check it out sometime soon! :D
  8. Kool-Aid man? :O

    Jolly Rancher?

    Jolly Green Giant?

    ... Buddha?

    :O! You brought back Chris Farley!? :D
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  9. Very nice!! Hope Japan is around for long enough as i'm currently in the tropics for xmas.

    Happy Holidays to all the staff!! And players.
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  10. Anyone know why this is: I tried using "/event" on smp5 and I got the error saying "Unknown Command. Visit http:// for commands" I tried the same command on smp1, and got the same error. All the other servers are working fine.
  11. Hi TheDarkAngel7,
    I am getting the same error when I type the command from an SMP.
    If I go to /games and type /event I get to the Events location, but about 5 seconds later I am sent back to /games spawn.
    I have a feeling that EMC is having some problems with this event and are working on it. I guess I will have to be patient... Not one of my strongest suits. : )
  12. I think that's intentional. I think this particular event runs on each of the SMPs and utopia, I think the fact that smp1 and smp5 don't know what /event means is a bug of some sort. /event isn't supposed to be accessible on games
  13. The chest hunt is one of the most fun activities on EMC, glad to see it again. :D
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  14. /event doesn't work on SMP1. :)
  15. smp1 isn't the only server, it also doesn't work on smp5 :p
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  16. OK. Those are the SMPs that I attempted to enter the /event from. When I get back from hunting Blizzards, I will try on one of the other SMPs

    Thanks TheDarkAngel!
  17. Not sure if this is the reason but on the servers page under the community tab it says that SMP1 and 5 are preparing to restart... my guess is they probably should have! >.<

    In the meantime I suggest trying out the event on another SMP, itโ€™s the same thing :)
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  18. Tip: Use a night vision potion. It makes it SO much easier.

    Anyways, anyone want to share what they got from the chests? I've found 13 so far and gotten...
    1. 1 Gold Ingot
    2. 8 Gold Ingots
    3. Infinity Book
    4. Elytra
    5. Elytra
    6. 10 Experience Bottles
    7. Ghast Heart
    8. Vault Voucher
    9. ESCD
    10. Infinity Book
    11. Nether Star
    12. Spark
    13. Dragon Head
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  19. Looking forward to everything! Also looking forward to the time capsule opening, that's always a fun time
  20. I tried /event and it didn't work. I then tried /v event and it worked. So I am guessing it was just a typo by OP.

    As for the world, I only looked around for a bit and figured I would try claiming at least one chest now and I couldn't so I figured maybe it isn't available yet just to go around and explore but with icem mentioning already claiming some kinda has me thinking there are problems going on with it so I will wait.