Holiday Events - 2018

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  1. 15 chests, cool beans. I guess I'll have some hunting to do. The picture looks amazing, can't wait to check it out in person.
  2. I did my chest hunting on utopia. That may fix it.
  3. In certain servers, the /event command is bugged. Not exactly sure why at the moment
  4. YAY! Can’t wait to get home and find all the presents, Thank you build team <3
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  5. I would actually thank Khixan and the others during this time. I had came up with the idea but had other IRL issues to manage in my time so Khixan designed and led the team during this event. I am very proud of her efforts along with the rest of the team who had been apart of the project!
  6. Oh yeah, forgot to say this in my previous posts... huge thanks to everyone who worked on this. I heard about the 300k/400k (?) chest hunts, and was really hoping I'd get to see one in my time on EMC.

    Thank you!!! :D
  7. Yeah I had to switch to smp7 to get it to work. But I was only trying "/event". Didn't think of putting "/v event" . Thank you for all your work on this!
  8. Anything on enraged creepers? they trigger low risk detection even on flat ground.
  9. The feels <3 Thanks man! Appreciate it :)

    Special thanks to WyntyrRaevyn for spending close to 80 hours in 2 weeks on this build, and thank you Toade. Y'all went above and beyond, much appreciated <3
  10. umm, possibly. Except for slimes, my changes were rather abstract - effecting most mobs. So it is possible Enraged Creepers were improved.
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  11. I've not been able to get in game but I may do that (with a little help) just to be able to see this beautiful build. It's so beautiful just from the pics. Wow build team.. just wow. <3
  12. I found 8 chests so far, though I only collected 4 of them. Got a nether star, dragon head, 3 diamonds (wrong pick there), and a totem of undying.

    Anyone find anything in the hot air balloons? I managed to reach the black and red one and found nothing. I can't reach the others with ender pearls and I'd rather not use my only elytra up if there's nothing in them.
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  13. Nothing in either, as far as I know. I didn't see if you can get inside the balloons themselves, so there *might* be something in there.
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  14. I managed to get inside the black and red one via ender pearls. Nothing. Might be something on top of it, but I couldn't see anything from a distance so probably not.
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  15. *sees picture*

    ...oh my god
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  16. even emc gave me coal :confused:

    loves the build!!
  17. gotta hand it to the build team on this one. you guys did an amazing job.
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  18. I assume the unopened chests are not allowed to be traded/auctioned ? Like the old ones ?
  19. Nevermind, as soon as you confirm the chest you get the item not the chest :p
  20. Got on top of the red one, nothing on top. And so far I only found like 2-3 chests. I didn't claim them though cause they kinda seemed easy. Kinda hoping to join a group and scout out where the hardest chest to find before claiming any but idk if that will happen. :p