Holiday Events - 2018

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  1. I highly recommend this, the team did a great job.

    Also bring an Elytra! It makes traveling around the map really that much easier~
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  2. is there oing to be an promo coming out? for Christmas?

  3. Is this chest ment to be opened?

    Chorus fruit defenetly is interesting :p
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  4. how u get there ;p
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  5. I don't know if I want to keep it a secret or not: we tried to get out of bounds, to see if there were any chests outside the barriers, and it kind of worked, but not as intended...

    I won't tell where, because I don't want everyone to go there :p
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  6. There are no intended chests out of barriers, and never will be. Barriers are there for a reason.
    ALL 32 chests are within the barriers and accessible in some form, though you may need items from one chest to get to another...
  7. I will give anyone 1k to record the coordinates of every chest they open and which items they got from each. Private message me with complete X, Y, Z, and item/quantity for all 15 chests you found to get your bonus.
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  8. There are multiple possibilities with each chest, i.e., I received a steel ingot from a particular chest (which is probably the best item I've seen really) and from the same chest I pulled one piece of dynamite and a spark with alts. But I'll keep visiting that chest for the possibility of another steel ingot :)
  9. That's exactly why I need lots of people to provide me their info! If you have multiple alts then you can get 1k each!
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  10. i obtained 5 steel ingots from the chest on the bridge hidden as a lamp
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  11. FIVE?! Are you sure they arent iron ingots?
  12. I have to say not, because I didn't find that one. (Didn't think to try chorus fruit -- genious.) So if that one counts then there are more than 32 ;)
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