Winter Village Chest Hunt Event 2019

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  1. Welcome to the Winter Village Chest Hunt Event!

    Active until January 13, 2020

    Search far and wide across this quaint village and castle surrounded by ice-capped mountains. There are 25 hidden chests for you to seek out. You may claim 15 for your Christmas presents. Chests that are considered well-hidden will give you better rewards, so choose wisely.

    Go to /event to start your chest hunt!

    There is one special chest this year at the very beginning (you can't miss it) that will give a guaranteed new item, BUT which new item will it be is up to chance with 1:9 odds at play. The two new items are as follows and available ONLY in this event. (Santa Hat is more rare)

    Enjoy the chest hunt and Happy Holidays!
  2. Merry Christmas EMC :D

    Build team did a fantastic job as ever <3 Can’t wait to explore!
  3. I will be spending time with my family today but I will check this out soon :)
  4. Hohoho! Merry Christmas to all... will have to find time to go explore the village also... love these events.

    Thanks to all at emc.. with wishes for a prosperous New Year.

  5. Always love these events. You get a nice surprise but you also get to explore a huge impressive build. Each time the team seems to out do themselves. Can't wait to see it all.

    Thank you to the build team for a wonderful gift and Krysyy/Aikar for the cool new items!

    Merry Chridtmas to everyone, hope it's a good one.
  6. It's down right a beautiful place y'all built!:D Thanks so much for the hard work put into this!
    Don't know if it's intentional but there are places you can get stuck. Just have to re-enter the event tho not a problem.
    Merry Christmas to all!
  7. You all have done a wonderful job on the build! Very beautiful!
    Thank you and Merry Christmas!:D
  8. Awesome Job on the event and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone
  9. This event world looks great! This has always been one of my favorite events for the holidays. Great work build team!

    Just one question. Is the door flag meant to be off? A lot of doors are closed in the world and can't be opened.
  10. Can confirm that several doors are closed, both into buildings and some interior doors as well.
  11. We'll get that fixed shortly
  12. There's a chest in a building that I can't reach. There's no ladder, no platform inside or out, and ender pearling is off. Is this intentional?
  13. All chests can be reached without elytra or enderpearls.

    Also, doors fixed.
  14. I don't see how. It's in the ceiling and there's nothing to stand on.

    Also, yay for fixed doors!

    EDIT: NVM I'm an idiot.
  15. Awesome, thanks!
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  16. accidentally right clicked an evergreen on bedrock... used it and didnt even get a sapling out of it :oops:
  17. Finished checking out the /event. Was very cool. Awesome job buildteam! :)
  18. Hehe, cool Indeed ;) It was a very nice build to work on!
  19. I've been unable to get on and play ut I'm so excited!! These are some of my favorite things to explore and just take in all the mastery that's gone into them. I know I will be thrilled but it's not until I can actually see it that I will probably realize just how wondrous it really is.. just like the last build.. wow. O_O
  20. Wonderful Holiday build, thanks to all that helped create it.

    Also only been able to locate 24 of the 25 chests.. You just know that the 25th one gives out the best stuff if you can find it.