Winter Village Chest Hunt Event 2019

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Dec 25, 2019.

  1. Is there a way to get up to Santa Sleigh? Just a yes or no, don't have to tell how, if it's possible.
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  2. Nope.
    There is no chest in it, if that's what you are asking for.
  3. Excellent build, congrats to all who worked on it (loved the hidden area). 14 found and pulling my hair out lol
  4. Lol.. yes I think I managed to find 20.. but not the 24 like tower...
    In any event I suck at parkour so am assuming...
  5. My face is everywhere :((((
  6. Thanks! Chest nah I finished my claim Christmas day. Thought it would be a cool birds eye view! :D
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  7. Awesome event! Thanks so much!

    I found some ores, 2 elytra, 1 beacon, and 1 santa hat. thanks build team and Krysyy and Aikar! :D
  8. This is an awesome build y'all. Looks amazing and has a big challenge in it. Yea. I only found 2 boxes so far but I'm going back in for more. :)

    Suggestion: Next build, have more redstone in it. Make the buttons and/or levers usable to open hidden areas. Some can contain things and some just show more awesome builds in that area. I saw lot of buttons and levers in this build but could not use them. Imagine a room full of button and only one opens a chamber. Just thinking out loud. :p

    Great job y'all. :)
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  9. I had a great time with both accounts looking around the build, and spending nearly an hour looking for chests. I did manage to get an elytra, a beacon, and 8 witches gems out of it though, so totally worth it!
  10. Thanks, it was fun and creepy! :D
  11. i know where one is just cant get to it
  12. Amazing job on this event! And thanks for the effort put in it!
  13. Thank you to the build team for bring us into yet another stellar build. I really liked the hiding spots. Very tricky!
    Please keep up all of the hard work. Happy Holidays all!
  14. I knew it would be and new and wonderful place to explore.. I was not disappointed! All the little details are there and so fun to find. It truly was a winter wonderland and as someone added.. there was a little creep in the dark places. Wow.. just wow. Thank you <3
  15. I have found 22 chests but can't seem to track down the remaining three. Would anybody like to compare coordinates for the ones they've located? Send me a message if you're interested.

    (Preferably you have already found+/- 20 chests on your own in order to make it a fair information swap.)
  16. For anyone just getting to this, there are only 24 at the moment as barrier blocks are stopping access to one of them.
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  17. Pretty sure Hash fixed that access.
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  18. Maybe not permanently, it was barriered when I posted.
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  19. Perhaps Hash put up his special Barrierdar67 blocks.
  20. Maybe it was just a hash of the block that got put up.