[EVENT] Land of the Sweets Chest Hunt 2021

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  1. Welcome to the Land of the Sweets Chest Hunt Event!

    Active for at least a week.

    Satisfy your sweet tooth while searching this village full of candy and other treats! There are 25 hidden chests for you to seek out. You may claim 15 for your Christmas presents. Chests that are considered well-hidden will give you better rewards, so choose wisely.

    Go to /event to start your chest hunt!

    Enjoy the chest hunt and Happy Holidays!
  2. BlizzArd is back as well (no more Super Turkeys).

    Also, we have some Christmas surprises that will come out Christmas Day. Stay tuned!
  3. noice! have another thing to stick with emc
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  4. Yay! Happy holidays EMC and wonderful job as always Staff for starting up a good event! *Rattles* :)
  5. Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a fantastic New Year!!!
  6. Haven't been to the /event yet but the pics look good. Merry Christmas Eve !!

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  7. Just a heads up to the devs, some chests are not giving anything when opened, and still counts against running total. I can dm you which didn't put out if you need
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  8. Ooooooooo I love chest hunts!!! Merry Christmas Everyone :)
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  9. Could you please send me/ElfinPineapple/chickeneer the location of those chests?
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  10. Tell us where (which one) and we can look into it

    Edit. Sniped
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  11. We are struggling to replicate the not getting rewards issue... We are adding some code to actually send a chat message as to what item is getting claimed - currently we have no logging of which item is picked (as it is randomly picked from the contents of each chest).
    That code addition will not go out today. Christmas reasons :)
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  12. Do you recommend not trying to claim prizes until that's been fixed? We could still go look and find locations in the mean time.
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  13. Just claim away. No code issue has been found at this point and it is the same code that we have used other years without issue so am at a loss on what it would be.
    It can't explain everything, but I suspect at least one of the reports is just due to receiving a repeated item that has stacked with others in their inventory, making difficult to identify by visual memory what has changed.
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  14. You are right about the latter issue, but I could not see it last night. I will confirm now that after logging back in, 32 XP bottles were added to an already existing stack (of 32).
    You gave me 16 golden ingots as a "replacement", do you want to take them back? I will be happy to /trash them or throw them into lava.

    I am sorry for the erroneous report.
  15. Do whatever you feel is right. The gold ingots were another option in that chest - so it is okay either way.
  16. can you increase total chest to all? cuz every peeps are receive treat in same chest for 1 use only. :)
    make christmas fun? why not?
  17. I encountered no issues with chests, but repeated items that stacked might have made it seem like they didn't get anything?

    Thank you to all involved for another fun event and great build! Appreciate your work!
    Wishing everyone safe and happy holidays!
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  18. Request: Make all 25 chests claimable, but only have the first 15 give rewards.
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  19. Or.... make all 25 chests accessible but 10 are hard to find?
  20. His idea makes it easier to keep track of what you've found already, but didnt want to collect :)