Hole In One

Feb 7, 2017
Hole In One
  • Hole In One is a game played on the special 124x124 Residences on Empire Minecraft. This game involves a series of trivia questions based on a theme word, and the correct answer determines the winner. This game requires precise knowledge and accuracy to fall into a one block-sized hole to receive a prize.


    Krysyy, the host of Hole In One, announces a theme word in which the following question is related. Once the question is asked in residence Chat, players have to answer as fast as possible while using other sources or by using their brain. The first player to type the right answer gets one chance of dropping into the block-sized hole from a tall height - thus, this requires complete accuracy and precision. If a player achieves the goal, he/she will receive a special prize.


    Hole In One can be accessed in multiple locations. There is no official residence for Hole In One because it is offered in other events as well. One of the hole in one locations is on SMP7 at /v party. Another location is on SMP9 at /v holeinone.

    As special surprises, Hole In One has been featured as a part of other events, like the Halloween party or during the Thanksgiving dinner.


    A variety of prizes can be given out during Hole In One. From special Krysyy Heads to random items, Hole In One features many special prizes.

    Take part in events on EMC, host one yourself or visit a special Empire residence.