Ultra Hardcore

Mar 25, 2020
Ultra Hardcore

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    UHC is a unique, modified EMC event that occurs not on a residence or a world, but on another server entirely. Players in teams (decided on each hosted day) are teleported into the world, with one life when the game starts. During the game, players have no ability to regenerate health, and those who fall are then allowed to continue spectating the match from a spectator area in the center..

    The only way for players to heal during a match would be for them to either use health potions or to consume golden apples.


    The prizes won in the rounds that took place are uniquely-named Golden Apples, won by the individuals who amass the most amount of kills for that month.


    These events used to be hosted on Sundays by Senior Staff member RainbowChin. The UHC Thread is posted on the front page of the Empire Minecraft forums when the event is being hosted, and when and where the event takes place is located within that thread.

    Take part in events on EMC, host one yourself or visit a special Empire residence.