EMCon Stream 2013

Jan 9, 2018
EMCon Stream 2013
  • EMCon was a 13-hour live stream held on January 3rd, 2013, by the staff team.

    The stream was planned for 24 hours, but had to be cut short due to technical difficulties. It was hosted on Empire Minecraft's old Twitch.tv channel.

    While ISMOOCH (organiser) and other staff were the main hosts, regular users were also invited to take part in the event, which involved discussions about the Community, the game, participants' lives and more.

    Charity donations(top)

    Viewers were also invited to donate to a charity, Child's Play Charity, which donates toys to children in hospital, and a donation goal of $250 was set. A total of $356 (USD 2013) ended up being donated! All proceeds went directly to the charity.

    It was promised that if the the goal was reached, the DisguiseCraft plugin (allowing players to transform their player models into other mobs, as they had been able to do during a Halloween previously) would be enabled for a day.

    In addition, players who donated $100 or more (of which there were two: krysyy and kevdudeman) were awarded with the EMCCon 2012 IcecreamCow Head, a custom lored head of EMC's former Community manager.

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