Creating and Running Player Events

Mar 10, 2016
Creating and Running Player Events
  • Unlike Empire Events, which are generally hosted by staff members, public member events may be created and posted in their designated forum section by anyone who wishes to create an event. To ensure that these events are held responsibly, reach a high number of participants, and have a chance of appearing on the Empire Minecraft homepage, we ask that you remember and consider the simple guidelines below before posting an event.

    Formatting and Guidelines(top)

    Thread Title: Your thread title should look as follows: "[Event] Event Name"

    Have a name for your event. Try to keep it original, exciting, and also highlight why someone might like to take part in your event to draw in more readers (e.g., a valuable prize). Be sure to include the type of event you are holding. You want forum viewers to want to continue to read the thread and get more information, so the title is important.

    Event Type: This field is recommended, but is not necessarily required due to some events not exactly falling under any predetermined category. Some suggested categories include "drop party," "grief party," and "contest." It is important to know before posting your event what exactly it is.

    Event Description: This is where you would describe your event. If you do not know enough information about your planned event to describe it effectively, please continue to plan and develop more details about your event before posting. Your description is important - people will look at this section and learn more about your event, all of your important details, such as time, location, and other things should be here.

    Event Time/Date: All events need to have a set date and time. If you do not have definite dates and times, please decide on one before posting.

    Due to the global exposure of Empire Minecraft, there are many different time zones in which users are located. The planner needs to be able to answer what time their event will held in the respective time zones. It is not required to list all time zones in this field: just have a time set, and be prepared to answer questions like "what time is that in central time?" or "what is that in GMT+0600?" To make it easier for the readers, you can also post the time in which your event will start in Empire Minecraft time, which is EST/EDT. The current EMC Time can be viewed on the homepage of this website. It can also be viewed in-game by typing in the command /time.

    In most cases, please do not post "impromptu" events. If your "time" section is listed as something like "in 42 minutes," your event thread will be closed, or you will be approached by a staff member to plan your event more before posting.

    Event Location: This is where your event will be held. If you are hosting an event such as a contest, this section is not required (although you include prize pickup details.) For any in-game events, please use this section.

    There are many different type of locations you can use. If your event is held on a Residence, please specify a server and the Residence number. If it is a server wide contest, please specify the server in which it will be held. For example, "SMP9 - Residence #18003" is how your event's location should look. If you do not have a location for your in-game event, please wait until you have one before posting your event.

    Prizes: If your event is one that will have prizes of some sort (contest, race, skin competition, etc.), please specify those prizes here. If you receive donations to contribute to those prizes, please update the thread after donations have been given as often as possible. If you have guaranteed prizes, you are bound to deliver them. Do not use your planned event to scam others out of items and time. This will result in a punishment.

    If your event has mentioned prizes, but you do not have any to list, please wait until you have some prizes to give before posting. If you say along the lines of "there will be prizes, but I do not have any yet," you could lose potential participants. Have this section planned before posting.

    Donations: If you would like donations, please say so here. You will need to specify your donation type, whether it be money or materials. If you need a donation of a location, then you do not need to post it here. Please discuss in-game with people you know to arrange a location if one is needed. Please do not beg for donations. Do not expect more than what you need. If you are hosting a contest, please have a system that focuses on redistributing the donations among the prize winnings, and do not put the donations in your pocket: it would not be very respectful to the people who have donated something to you for your event.

    Following these guidelines above and below will ensure your event has a much higher chance of being on the front page.

    Front Page Qualifications(top)

    Contact the Community Managers to request a front page promotion for your event at least one week before the event. Not every event will wind up on the front page - this is not because your event is not important. If the staff members feel that your event is Community oriented, innovative, and planned well enough to be placed on the front page, it will go there.

    If you have followed the above guidelines, and your event is correctly organized and shows good planning, your chances of your event getting on the front page are much higher. Basic drop parties or giveaways will not be promoted, however.

    Your event will have a much higher chance of being selected to appear on the front page if you use correct spelling and grammar, have an organized format, and have followed the guidelines above.

    Other Information(top)

    If your event has been planned well enough to fill out the above criteria fully, you should be well enough off to host a successful event. We acknowledge that there are many different kinds of events that can arise. Do not feel that the this guide is here to limit you. If you have more information or criteria to post, please post it! The more information you can deliver about your event, the better it will be.

    After the thread is posted, you may want to add your event to the Events Calendar, so more people can see it.

    After the event is complete (the event has ended, and you have posted on its success/status, such as posting screenshots of the event after it is over), please contact a staff member via private messaging to request your thread to be closed. This should be done to avoid other players in the future posting on your event's thread and confusing others with other active events.

    Take part in events on EMC, or create one yourself. Visit a special Empire Residence.

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