Nov 29, 2016
  • As of 1.9, the Frontier and Wastelands each have different End worlds. The difference between the two is that the Wasteland's End will reset while the Frontier's End will not.

    Getting there(top)

    There isn't a command to teleport to the End - to get there, you must find an End portal with an Eye of Ender. On Utopia, however, there is a portal to get to Endertopia, which is an establishment in the Frontier's End.

    In the Frontier, there are at least three strongholds for each SMP and these three will be directed to with Eye of Enders. If you find a naturally generated stronghold which Eye of Enders do not lead to, private message Senior Staff and they can make them work.

    In the Wastelands, there are approximately 9-19 strongholds per SMP, all of which can all be found with Eye of Enders.


    When a dragon is killed on EMC there will be no dragon egg drop. Instead, a dragon head can be found on the pedestal where an egg would usually be found.


    Utopia's End
    On Utopia's End world, Gold and Diamond supporters have access to Endertopia, which is a large Enderman farm. Visit the Endertopia wiki page to learn more about it.

    We have multiple worlds on each server for building, mining and exploring.

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