Stage Server

Feb 27, 2015
Stage Server
  • While Stage is not the only EMC testing server, it is the primary one and the one most connected to the Empire's platform. This white-listed server is used for everything; from planning and building EMC treasures, to testing new updates and features.

    Only staff and white-listed players, such as the Build Team, can connect to Stage.

    On the server, you may find versions of Tutorials, Empire Shops, event locations, and much more, such as player Residences (due to its foundation being a copy of SMP9). It contains the same features as any Town on EMC.

    All staff have the ability to switch their mode to creative when on Stage, and have access to some World Edit powers. Due to this, the Vault and Mail features are blocked on Stage.

    We have multiple worlds on each server for building, mining and exploring.

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