Trading System

Jan 28, 2017
Trading System
  • As of October 13th, 2016, Empire Minecraft has a custom-built mechanism for players to make trades with any combination of items and/or Rupees in a secure manner. This system was announced in this Halloween Event thread.

    Initiating a trade(top)

    Trading is available in all Worlds: the Town, Frontier, and Wastelands. However, to prevent abuse, trading players must be within 32 blocks of each other in the latter two Worlds.
    • /trade [WithPlayerName] <OptionalRupees> - Allows you to initiate a trade with someone, with an option to include Rupees.
    When this command is typed, the receiving player has the option to click to confirm or type /trade [Initiator'sName] to accept the offer.

    Players can allow/disallow trade invites through the Miscellaneous (Misc) category after typing /ps (Player Settings).

    Trading items and Rupees(top)

    When a trade is confirmed, a graphical user interface will appear for both users.

    Each player may add item(s) to any of the 20 slots on their side of the trade screen. The person who initiated the trade will be able to edit the left side. Neither player can edit the other person's side of the trade. Any items you add or take away will be reflected on the other person's trade screen on what is their side of the window.

    Rupees can also be a part of trades. Amounts can be typed in when using the /trade command, meaning you would give them said amount of Rupees for their item. The emerald button can also be used to modify rupee amounts part of your side of the trade: use the hotbar keys to add digits, left-click to add zeros, and press Q, or right-click, to drop a digit.

    If either player cancels a trade (e.g. with the Esc button), the other player's GUI will also close.

    Finalising trades(top)

    When each player is ready, they must click the pink dye, which will be changed to green, signifying that you or the other player is ready. This will lock in the trade terms - no Rupees can be adjusted nor can items be added or removed. To adjust the terms, you must toggle the green dye to revert it back to pink.

    Both players must press the red glass pane on their side of the trade window to issue a final confirmation of the trade when the terms are locked in by the initial confirmation. When one person presses their final confirmation button, the red will change to green.

    When the trade is complete, any items you have traded for will be added to your inventory, and it will show you your current rupee balance.

    Please note that all trades are final. This is why there is a rigorous process for confirmation.

    Use Rupees to buy from other players. Save Tokens to redeem rare items in the future.