Halloween Town, Vaults, and Trading - 10/30/16

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  1. Welcome to Halloween Town!
    For a MINIMUM of one week, enjoy the spooks and haunted buildings that our Staff created in Halloween Town by typing /halloween. This interactive town has many awesome hidden things that are sure to have you in the Spooky Spirit. Please note: The attractions in Halloween Town are meant for fun and not for prizes. Please keep that in mind when venturing too close to the chilling and deceiving Manor. *Hint: Avoid it entirely if you don't like mazes.*

    Trick-or-Treating: Empire Minecraft Style
    There are multiple ways to participate in the Trick-or-Treat festivities this Halloween.

    Throughout Halloween Town, there will be mobs spawning. Don't worry, they can't hurt you. However, they have all been gorging on Haunted Candy over the entire month of October and will likely drop some, if killed.

    Have a spare Haunted Head or Headless Horseman Helmet lying around from years ago? These old promos dispense the SAME candies as the mobs, so you will be able to use those for the next part if you don't feel like slaughtering the inhabitants of Halloween Town.

    There's an awesome new way to share candy with other players and we've even made a game of it! Each UNIQUE player that you TOSS a Haunted Candy to INSIDE Halloween Town will earn you one point in our Trick-or-Treat Game, as well as give you one candy back in return. Can't remember if you already gave candy to someone? If you've already tossed candy to that player, they won't be able to pick it up. If someone tosses a candy at you, you CAN toss a candy at them. The toss score limitations are set by the throwing player.
    Warning: You must be online in order to receive credit for your candy toss. You cannot just throw a bunch on each server and leave them there with you not on that SMP and receive credit :p

    There are automatic prizes after you receive a certain number of points in the Trick-or-Treat Game, such as the 2016 Haunted Head and others so don't miss out on the candy throwing fun. You can even type /smpscore and /hscore to see where you stand in the rankings across each smp and the server! Top scores will gain an extra bonus at the end of the event.

    New Features

    Since we started working with Chest GUIs, there have been a few tweaks that needed to be made. As the devs work more and more with them, more and more possibilities become realities. The following are some of those realities:

    Vault GUI Upgrade
    The Vault GUI gained pages!
    You heard that right. Now, instead of having to type /vault 1, /vault 2, etc over and over again, all of your vaults can work in synchronous harmony with one command. When you type /vault, your screen will now look like below. You'll even be able to purchase new vault pages. For those afraid of change, the old way still works.

    Trading GUI Addition
    Yes, TRADING HAS ARRIVED. Want to trade with someone, but don't have a sign and a chest nearby on your residence? We now have a trading GUI for you to use. Read carefully on how this works.

    For Krysyy to trade with JDHallows, she types /trade JDHallows and a screen will pop up. In this case, Krysyy is trading a diamond sword in exchange for 3 Haunted Candies. You can exchange up to 20 slots of items per trade. If one of the players wants to add rupees to their trade, then they click the Rupee icon and type in any amount. Due to MC limitations, you CANNOT use zero's in this number. If you wish to use zero's, type in your rupee amount when initiating the trade or you may left click the Rupee icon to add a 0 (Ignore the screenshot, it was taken before that was added). Sorry, we can't fix :(

    There is a double confirmation system in place. The initial confirmation is represented by pink or lime green dye. Once both players 'lock in' their trade, the final confirmation glass pane will turn red and be available to click. The screen closes and the items will automatically appear in the traders' inventories and rupees transfer.

    The Trading GUI can be used in town, but also in the Frontier/Wastelands. If you are not in town, there is a 32 block distance limit in place to prevent abuse of the system. There are a few /ps changes added for this as well, so that you can prevent trades from people that you do not wish to trade with. Read more in your player settings.

    Other Notes:

    Aikar broke the code in thousands of ways, then put it back together. Let's hope that was an equal number of fixes...
    So needless to say, if you find any bugs, please report it to me ASAP!

    Plus other things like /vaults was added as an alias to the vault GUI list.
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    Great Update! aikar, love it!
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  10. Hope everyone enjoys! I wanted to do a proper "new event" this time around that wasn't a rehash :)

    Lots of work went into this halloween event (and all the code I broke and refixed!)
  11. Aikar see my PM for bugs, i dont want to post them here to prevent exploit
  12. I think there's a bug with the new vault page. There are open slots by the pagination tab. When I was tranferring items into a vault page using shfit-click, it put items into those slots. I couldn't remove them. When I closed and reopened the tab the items were gone.
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  15. Forgot to include the graphic fix, but it should appear right on homepage now.

    Happy Halloween everyone!
  16. Tis soon be the end of a season of spooks and scares, yet for EMC the spooks are just arriving in time...