Buying/Selling with Player Shops

Nov 10, 2016
Buying/Selling with Player Shops
  • Every player can create a shop on their own residence in the Town. Note that shops can't be created in the Wilderness. This also includes the Nether and End worlds.

    For information on how to create shop signs, see the Creating Player Shops page.

    Buying from shops(top)

    You can buy from a shop by left-clicking a shop sign. Here is an example of a shop sign that only allows you to buy from it:
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    This shop lets you buy 15 Dragon Eggs for 100 Rupees.

    Selling to shops(top)

    Sometimes, you can also sell to a shop, but only if the owner allows it (note: you can't sell to the official Empire Shop). To sell items to a shop, right-click the shop sign. Here is an example of a shop sign that only allows you to sell to it, but not buy):
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    This shop lets you sell 5 potatoes for 100 Rupees.

    There are also shops that allow you to buy and sell from the same sign. Simply click the correct mouse button for the action in which you'd like to take, and while pointing to the sign, left-click (B) to buy, and right-click (S) to sell. Shop signs that allow buying and selling look like this:
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    This shop lets you buy 20 saddles for 1,000 Rupees, and sell 20 saddles for 500 Rupees.

    Buying from CHOOSE shops(top)

    CHOOSE shop signs got introduced with the 'IDay update' from 2016. Although they replace the previous SLOT signs their behavior is a little different.

    A CHOOSE sign can be recognized by the word CHOOSE on the bottom line:

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    Although a CHOOSE sign can also specify a certain range this does not change its behavior. When you click on a CHOOSE sign then a dialog will open which shows all the available items to purchase. This is comparable to using a preview sign, but the main difference is that the size of the dialog can vary. From a single row right up to 6 rows at once.

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    CHOOSE sign dialog when used with a single chest.

    After you click on an item to purchase you will see a dialog which tells you what you're going to buy, and for which prize. If we clicked on the Dragon Stone above then this is what you would have seen:

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    Clicking the sign again will complete your purchase.

    Use Rupees to buy from other players. Save Tokens to redeem rare items in the future.

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