[EVENT] EMC Birthday Big Event

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  1. EMC is turning the big ol' 6 this year. It's hard to believe it's already been 6 years of time on this amazing server.
    Grab your 2017 birthday cake with /promo bday

    To celebrate, we've also got a giant assortment of events for everyone to participate in over the next week.
    We've got some really neat stuff in store, so look at the schedule below and we hope to see you there.
    P.s. More will be added if we have the chance!

    Tuesday, July 25th (EMC's actual Birthday)
    11 am: Funday! with JDHallows
    1 pm: Cake Build Battle Contest with Eviltoade
    3 pm: Netherspleef with RainbowChin
    6 pm: Decorating the Birthday Cake with Krysyy

    Wednesday, July 26th
    6 pm:Staff vs the World (PvP)
    9 pm: Art Class with Krysyy

    Thursday, July 27th
    3 pm: FireFloor with RainbowChin
    6 pm: Hole in One Trivia with JDHallows
    9 pm: FireFloor with Eviltoade (krysyy needs to spend some time with her dad, so I hijacked!)

    Friday, July 28th
    8 pm: Miner Mania

    Saturday, July 29th
    1 pm: Purple People Party with Krysyy and Aikar
    4pm: Mob Arena with RainbowChin (special edition)
  2. Yes, this is going to be so much fun!
  3. Cake-xplosion! Look at all these events! Happy Bday emc! :D
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  4. PUR... PUR... PUR... PUR... PURPLE PEOPLE PARTY? (I'm sorry but I had to, I heard about the PPP in my early days on EMC and always wished I had been there)
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  5. Happy Birthday!
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  6. Happy Birthday EMC :D

    Here's to many more birthdays :3
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  7. Dang it, i start school on wednesday
  8. Congratulations to you EMC and to me for finding you. My third anniversary I have had here.
  9. Happy Birthday EMC!!! You Rock and The_Boulder rolls... lol I hope everyone is having a good time..
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  10. happy birthday emc :D
    i do have a question about the ppp party
    will the stuff that will be dropped be the same as the last one (i mean like the event items)?
    i hope not :/
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  11. I'd really love to a mix of some new editions of the same items and some new totally unique items. This would satisfy people like myself who joined EMC after the original PPP and people who attended the original PPP :)
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  12. ya i totally get that,
    but it's a pain if you have one of those ultra rare items and others are added :p

    edit: i just noticed that all that stuff has the date on it, so you will still see the difference if they add new editions.
  13. Happy Birthday EMC~!
    Cant Wait To Attend These Events :D
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  14. Happy Birthday EMC :3
    With all my time on EMC each day has been splendid!
  15. Happy Birthday EMC, you wondrous place and community!

    It's good to see another year of this place, and I look forward to trying to make all of these events! :D
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  16. Congratulations on 6 years EMC, and hope for many more years on this wonderful server!
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  17. Happy Birthday EMC!
    I will try my best to attend when I can
  18. Happy birthday Empire Minecraft!

    A server which is truly one of a kind!

    I do want to urge some players to try and focus more on all the fun events instead of just aiming for prizes. Sure, I know... Promos and prizes and stuff are fun too, not saying otherwise. But... there's more to all this than that!
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  19. Best minecraft server i ever played on! <3
  20. Whoa a double fire floor event! It's like Pacific Rim meets Minecraft! :eek:
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