[EVENT] Party with the Admins!!!

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  1. Maxarias, Aikar, and Krysyyjane9191 are all in the same place at once.
    In addition, we have recently reached a whopping 80,000 members on the website so WHOOP for that!
    In order to prevent the end of the world from occurring due to this amazing phenomena, it is required that everyone join the admins for a party of epic proportion.

    When: July 17, 2014 at 6 pm EMC time
    Where: smp7 /v party
    What: Show up to find out!

    **Note: Admins are not responsible if the world comes to an end because everyone didn't party hard enough! We are putting the faith of humanity in your hands. Don't let humanity down...
  2. 80k Members promo items!

    I wish..:(
  3. I know how to Party, I know I'll be there!

    ps: Only 6,5 hours till party! c:
  4. Of course I am busy 5:30-8pm. I wont be there but I hope the rest of you have a great time!
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  5. Sounds fun. Will be there.
  6. what does TBD stand for?:confused:
  7. Sweet Sweet Sweet looks like a long night for me tonight, cant wait congratz, this is gonna be so awesome :D
  8. 80k member promo items
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  9. You know, our 80k member is

  10. To be decided. At least that's my guess. :)
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  11. Me sad for not party enough... T___T

    In that case LET'S CELEBRATE!!!! Eat Soda and Drink Pizza, like Soviet Russia!

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  12. What's this on gmt?
  13. So excited >.< Does tbd stand for to be decided? :confused:
  14. Aww and I'm stuck working a 12 hour shift and won't be able to attend.
  15. 5pm Cental
    6pm Eastern
    11pm GMT
    -- Aikar Edit --
    You're welcome xD
  16. Can't attend another event :(
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  17. I'll try my best to be there.
  18. Had to fix those for you =P She listed EMC time (EDT currently), so it's 5PM Central for us.
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