Happy Thanksgiving! 2014 Event!

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  1. It's time for Thanksgiving in the US! As usual, we celebrate US holidays on EMC.

    This year Thanksgiving is giving a little more than last year.... and coming with an event with the promo!

    The Promo
    No Turkey Slicer promo... Sorry for those wanting one! But we have a new item instead :)

    To claim, simply type the command in game:

    /promo thanksgiving

    and shift click the axe!

    The Event
    Super Turkeys have invaded the wilderness (Frontier AND Wastelands)! Be on the lookout for loud Gobbling sounds. These Turkeys are well fed and will take a lot of effort to kill, but some of them carry shiny objects.

    Additionally, a magical force is randomly spawning Feast Chests throughout the Wastelands and Frontier Wildernesses.

    Players may smell a great feast while adventuring. Find the Feast to be well fed!

    Event Duration
    We will run this event until Wednesday of next week (1 full week), to ensure everyone who is traveling for the holidays has ample opportunity to partake in the event.

    Enjoy :)
  2. woot! happy hunting

    Edit: Reminder for all players! Don't attempt to seek out new players and offer them dirt money. Offer something reasonable; Ex: 9k - /shop price.
  3. woot - looks nice :)
  4. Wow, those super turkeys are hard to kill!
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all, I know I am Thankful for all I have and where i am, with family :)
  6. Those turkeys are really hard to kill xD
  7. took me like few hundred clicks with a god sword lel

    gg turkey - gg
  8. Woot found a feast chest :D
  9. Mine had the audacity to lay an egg while I was trying to kill it. Stupid fast, one hard kill. Nice cooked Turkey :)
  10. will someone tell me what a turkey is and is it evil? i live in the wild xD
  11. Not to be rude but it kinda annoys me that a holiday that is celebrated in one country gets a promo, when a celebration that occurs in Australia, New Zealand and UK doesn't even get a promo. Not to be ungrateful, I just find it slightly unfair, and feel that promos are souly focused on the U.S.
  12. Nice! But dang, I'm away in Aussie for a week so I miss most of the event :(
  13. Will get on tomorrow to get this immediately and im going to make a quick run to the wild to find one of these magical beasts to have a great feasts
  14. Thank you so much EMC we have found our first chest and it was lovely to find it what a great surprise :) now to find the Turkeys :D
  15. To clear up any rumors that they are only found underground- Not True. I did find one in my ice plains biome swimming in a ice river. Note: This is 96k out so there isn't any interference with chunks by other players nearby.

    As for the Feast Chest: I have found 2 in the same area (30x30) within 30 minutes of each other. Possible regeneration timer per chunk? Don't know or very lucky.
  16. This is one of the coolest promotions I've ever seen! :D Thanks, Aikar! :)
  17. Woo thanks Aikar!
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  18. Wow.. Cool Aikar! I will be sure to chop up a turkey! xD