Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

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  1. We hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We here at EMC are thankful for the opportunity to continue this amazing server with you all.

    You may have already seen the infamous Super Turkeys around EMC and they are back for the season! Grab your blades and go hunting!

    After all that Turkey yesterday, it was clear that one thing was needed: pants that expand! Please type /promo thanks21 to receive your own Stretchy Pants! These special pants are unbreakable and soulbound so there is always room for more pie (and leftovers) and no fear of any damage caused by one too many goodies.

    Extras can be purchased in the /shopworld for 20,210 rupees.
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  2. happy thanksgiving everyone
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  3. happy thanksgiving peeps ;)
  4. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Nifty idea on the stretchy pants.
  5. First netherite promo! Excellent :)
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  6. Love it! I could use some stretchy pants!
  7. Awesome pants. I could have really used them yesterday. 🙂
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  8. Lolol blast protection.
    Yes, my stomach is going to explode with all of the food that i ate. Good thing that my pants have blast protection.
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  9. Had a Thanksgiving camping somewhere. I had too much turkey...