Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

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  1. We at Empire Minecraft wish you and yours and very happy and safe thanksgiving. We are thankful for this amazing community of 9+ years and each of you has a part in that, so thank you all! In a time when we are separated in person, the ability to come together virtually is even more appreciated!

    You may have already seen the infamous Super Turkeys around EMC and they are back for the season! Grab your blades and go hunting!

    To celebrate this year, please type /promo thanks20 to receive your own Feasting Fork! This promotional trident will come back to you quickly so you can get back to the serving table for seconds super quick.

    Due to players spending time with their families, we have decided not to hold an event in-game today. We will however be hosting our Turkey Event on Monday the 30th at 5 pm EMC time. We hope that this gives more players the opportunity to join us.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. Nice! A new promo. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. It's nice to see more unbreakable Promos. Should encourage more use of them!
  4. Happy Thanksgiving EMC! I hope you all have a great day and stay safe!

    The new promo sounds really cool, thank you for making it! :D
  5. happy turkey day everyone!
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to the EMC family!

    watch out for those super turkeys...
  7. Happy Thanksgiving ALL! and Thankful for EMC! Best Wishes 2020
  8. Happy Thanksgiving, EMC!:D
  9. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  10. Hmm.... another trident promo... little weird cuz we just got one, but still cool, I guess. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Eat some TURKEY :D
  11. You can't have a Thanksgiving item after 1.13 not be a trident fork. :p
  12. I promised. And build team decided the zahnenn trident.
  13. I actually really like the "duality" between Zahnenn's Trident and the Feast Fork, with one Loyalty and one Riptide, otherwise being just about identical, especially with their release times.
  14. Happy Halloween, uuuhh so like happy thanksgiving but an typos an typos
  15. Glad this is back time to go slay some turkey. Also gobble gobble rattle rattle
  16. Unpopular opinion but, I don't particularly think it was wise releasing two trident promos back to back. (One for Halloween and Thanksgiving). I know they have two different enchants but I would still they have advised a different promo idea than this one. My idea

    Regardless, hope everyone had a great Thanks Giving!
  17. If I hadn't promised, and even mentioned it in the podcast interview, I probably wouldn't have.
  18. How long will the turkeys be around?