Happy Thanksgiving! Misc Updates - 11/24/15

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  1. Super Turkeys
    Happy Thanksgiving to our US players!

    As with last year. THE SUPER TURKEY RETURNS!
    As you're exploring the Frontier or Wastelands Wild, be on the look out for the gobble....
    What's a Super Turkey? Well find him and prepare for the battle.... of clicks. Super Turkeys have A LOT of HP. You will likely need more than 1 sword to kill them.

    When you see this, a Super Turkey has spawned nearby.
    They do not harm you, but they are very fast making them hard to hit.

    But if you do... You have a chance at earning the old elusive Turkey Slicer!

    You will also find chests full of food throughout the wild too.
    Event will last at least through the weekend.

    Thanksgiving Map

    To celebrate Thanksgiving Day, we have added a new map to the flag shop. /v Spawn_Town@flags on all servers to grab one for yourself. Remember these do not cross servers without breaking!
    Here's a preview!

    Outposts, it's official
    Currently, the land everyone claims right now has gone under the name "Outposts". I've always said this was a temporary name until the real system is in place. As we're starting work on Land Claiming, we really needed to come up with a proper name to call it, Land Claiming isn't a name, it's a goal/action.

    We always said Empire's internally, but really that isn't right - Empire's are the owner of the land, but not 'exactly' the land itself. Players will be able to form Empire's and not even claim land if they prefer town.... so we can't call land Empires.

    But checking the definition of Outposts:
    Well that fits quite well doesn't it? So from here out, the land claiming system will be officially called Outposts. Your Empire will claim an Outpost in the Frontier.

    So, naming doesn't change! We'll just go from this manual outpost registration to automatic in the future :)

    Other changes
    But beyond the Thanksgiving Event, we also have some other changes going out.
    • Guardians spawning for MiniBosses without any message has been fixed. There was an anti spam system to prevent spamming, and we made guardians ignore that.
    • Many internal changes to Residence stuff as chicken helps prepare us for Outpost claiming
      Hopefully nothing broke, otherwise #ChickenBrokeIt
    • Players can use /vote fixitem to fix the name on their voter items.
    • /promo command now supports tab completion
    • Teleporting will no longer 'hop' as you teleport. I believe this is also the cause of Vehicle bugs, but have not had time to extensively test if this change also fixes vehicles, but hoping you all report that it does. Essentially that change was designed to fix the Tutorial stuck problem, so I just limited the change to only run in the Tutorial.
    • /res default [player,area,group] command added to default specific flags and not the entire res.
    • EMC-921 Tags can now be associated to named locations.
      /res tag add shop shop

      for example, if anyone visits your res using /v +shop, will teleport to your named location titled shop INSTEAD of your res spawn.

      Use this to set up multipurpose tags and different tags take you to different locations (instead of trying to use /v +shop shop and then ending up on a residence that doesn't have a shop named loc)
    • Things that save locations such as residence named locations, entities, and tons of other things on the Empire, now save with better precision, so your named locs EXACT location will save and persist restarts (currently, when you set it up for first time, it has that exact precision, but then restart server and it loses it and goes to flat block positions, truncating decimal places)
    • Marlix HP has been reduced from 40 to 24. Will not apply to old Marlix's. This should help make the fight not take so long.
    • Marlix Guardian Spawn rate has been slowed down even more since last update. Difficulty 5 will now spawn once per 25s. Difficulty 7, 16s. Difficulty 9-10, 8 seconds.

      Minibosses are not intended to ever be solo'd at 8+, and should consider a friend even at 7.
    • MiniBosses and Enraged gain more health when dying to them than before at difficulty 8+
      Additionally, the health gain aspect of dying now applies at difficulty 7 for MiniBosses, but regains less at 7 than they do at 8+
    • MiniBoss despawn timer set to 9 hours instead of 3 hours.
    Nov 25 update:
    • Fixed sell sign shop creation
    • Fixed /vote fixitem not working on certs (well hasn't been tested as I don't have an old item to test with >.<, but hopefully it works)
    • Fixed /p not showing ALL names a player previously had, and also will fix middle names as MD noted. So /vote fixitem should work for all of your items now.

    Nov 28 update:

    • Turkeys now only spawn within 16 Y levels of same as you. If you're under ground, and get a spawn message... Expect to find it under ground (unless it spawned based on someone else near you!)
    • Turkeys now gobble to your action bar every 1 minute (3 minutes after the event ends!) telling you how many chunks away it is. Use the gobbles to find if you are close.

      So get to 0-1 away then search!
    • More tweak to /vote fixitem to help with people who still couldn't change their items name (wkramer)
    • You can now send mail while at outposts
    • When you dismount a Horse in town and get the "Returning home in 5 mins" message, commonly the horse would not return home because no one loaded the chunk the horse was left in. This made many players think their horse was lost.

      Now, the server will automatically load the chunk 6 minutes later to ensure the horse gets sent home.
  2. Nice update! Happy Thanksgiving guys! Hope you like the map :)
  3. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving all!! God bless and be safe :) <3
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  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for the update.
  5. Awesome! Can't wait to slay some turkeys :D
    May the chickens be ever in your favour!
  6. Yes. Can't wait to kill me a turkey :)

    Edit: I can't see the OP post past the gobble image unless I quote it
    Edit 2: never mind
  7. Gobble Gobble! Happy Thanks giving, and may the chicken murders take place! I mean dinner! I mean have fun catching chicken! :)
  8. oh gods no, not again... *cries* I think I killed my last one just a few months ago from the 2015 lot. DIE you stupid turkeys, DIE!

    I think this is Aikar's favorite creation. The screams of my frustration must sooth him to sleep each night.

    Gobble gobble >:)
  9. RIP - all giant farm owners. Good luck trying to kill these things if they jam your machine. :rolleyes:
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  10. Oh god no, they're back... *huddles in a corner crying*
  11. Love it!
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  12. Sounds like a lot of good stuff. Looking forward to getting me some Super Turkeys AND one of those spiffy new maps!
  13. I feel the same way ;-;
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  14. Happy Thanksgiving to all the U.S. players, and it is time to kill some turkeys. :D
  15. Nuuu! One spawned i wanted to kill it and i was too afraid of the exp orb.. I thought it was the turkey... *facepalms and audiece all facepalms*
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  16. Out of curiosity, can we eggify them? This is my first time encountering them :p
  17. I remember last year when they started to appear it seemed like a cool seasonal update.

    Later on, after the initial mayhem, they even made good pets.

    But after several months of hunting down these absurdly over healthy birds that lived in every crevice around my best farms my hand and wrist hurt...

    Please, Aikar, kill off the Super Turkey at the end of November. If develop carpal tunnel syndrome again I'm going to be really pissed.
  18. Yeah I'm one super turkey into the update and I'm pretty sure I have arthritis. Those things are seriously tough!
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