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Apr 23, 2016
Apr 15, 2015
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Watching T.V, Playing Minecraft, etc.

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Well-Known Member, Female, from Florida

Happy Earth Day! Or belated Earth Day, since that was yesterday, but whatever. Apr 23, 2016

iNachos10 was last seen:
Apr 23, 2016
    1. iNachos10
      Happy Earth Day! Or belated Earth Day, since that was yesterday, but whatever.
    2. xHaro_Der
      RIP Nachos?
      1. iNachos10
        Don't worry though, I'm still here. ;) By the way, sorry I haven't done anything for a SUPER LONG time, I'm just way too busy with life and stuff... also, I kind of quit Minecraft.
        Mar 31, 2016
      2. xHaro_Der
        I feel you. It gets boring after a certain point. Good luck in life!
        Mar 31, 2016
    3. iNachos10
      I hope everyone had an awesome Valentine's day! <3
      1. Acemox2k likes this.
    4. iNachos10
      Nothing like a new res for a New Year.... Yeah, I forgot to check on my res after 30 days. xD
    5. batroach
      Happy New Year
    6. iNachos10
      Merry Christmas everyone! :D
    7. iNachos10
      Yay, my birthday is on the 29th, which will be next week! :)
      1. Qkazooo
        my birthday is on the 28th..
        Dec 21, 2015
      2. iNachos10
        Maybe it's only a coincidence or something more sinister... *hears evil laughing while detective music plays*
        Dec 21, 2015
      3. Qkazooo
        :p its my 21 birthday *evil laughing with wine in one hand*
        Dec 21, 2015
    8. iNachos10
      I hope everyone has a merry Christmas, and gets to see #Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters! :D
      1. Abele and HannahEB like this.
      2. HannahEB
        You too! :D
        Dec 19, 2015
      3. iNachos10
        Thanks! :)
        Plus, I saw Star Wars yesterday, and it was amazing! :D
        Dec 20, 2015
      4. HannahEB
        Going to see it tomorrow, can't wait! :D
        Dec 20, 2015
    9. iNachos10
      What do you guys want for Christmas? I want a Ps4, how about you? :)
    10. iNachos10
      Yay for winter! :)
    11. iNachos10
      Are the forums ok? I heard some stuff about data, backups, and other stuff. Is everyone and everything ok?
    12. iNachos10
      I just watched the Mlp:FIM season finale... it was awesome!! I won't give spoilers, but it involves time travel. :D
    13. iNachos10
      Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! :)
    14. iNachos10
      Looking back, I've only been here for a while, and I've done so much... Now, I think I'll look at some new member introductions! :D
    15. iNachos10
      How do I make my res look winter-like? Minecraft doesn't have any Christmas decorations, so I might use a resource pack or something.
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      2. iNachos10
        Nah, no snow layers. It'll melt, anyway. In all honesty, I'm just gonna grab a Christmas resource pack, and start decorating with candy canes, etc. Thanks for the advice, I might use it. :)
        Nov 23, 2015
      3. nltimv
        Not if you set your biome to 'Ice Plains' or something similar
        Nov 23, 2015
      4. iNachos10
        I'll use a resource pack, no biggie. I already decorated my res a little bit, so it'll be fine. :)
        Nov 23, 2015
    16. iNachos10
      Can't wait for Finding Dory, in June 2016! It's surprising that we had to wait at least 12 or 13 years for a sequel... I hope it's good. :)
    17. iNachos10
      Today was ok, can't wait for Thanksgiving break! :)
    18. iNachos10
      Yay! Thanksgiving and Christmas soon! <3
    19. iNachos10
      Saw the Peanuts movie earlier today, it was great. :D
    20. iNachos10
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    Home page:
    Watching T.V, Playing Minecraft, etc.
    Hello, I'm iNachos10, which is my in game name. I'm 13 years old, and I'm a pretty quiet person when you get to know me or are around me. (I put 12 years old a while ago, but I'm 13, as of now.) I'm not very tall, and I'm in middle school right now. I love Minecraft, the fact of making friends, playing minigames, and intruducing myself on the Empire Minecraft forums sounds enjoyable and quite a pleasure. I like watching Youtube videos, especially ones by DanTDM. I love his videos, and his channel. I love writing stories, poems, and other little peices of literature in some of my spare time, if I can. I plan to be a writer when I'm older, so, practice makes perfect. I love watching T.V, also. One of my favorite shows to watch is Steven Universe, and Mlp:Fim. My favorite thing about Steven Universe is the music, it really is AMAZING. The characters are fascinating, and I also think the show is very well written. Plus, I know... lots of people say Mlp:FIM is "Just for little girls" but I say "No, it actually isn't." It's more than a "little kids" show than meets the eye. I am a fellow pegasister myself, and I know for sure that it's more than just a kids show. If you actually start watching it, It's actually an amazing show. The bronies and pegasisters are inspired to create music, stories, and works of art off of this one this show. Isn't that amazing? I know, you Anti Bronies still might be thinking that "It's for babies, 2 year-olds. Grow up, you noob." But it's more than meets the eye when you start watching it. Of course, as I'd expect, there are people against us bronies and pegasisters. Anyway, Anti Bronies, we'll see you on the battlefield sooner or later. I'm a big fan of piano music, pop music, and video game music, as well. I also love searching or looking on the internet for random things. Like cat videos, for example. I hope we can be good friends if your up to it! ;D Also, fav means favorite or favorites.

    My favorites for Steven Universe:
    Favorite Characters: Pearl, Connie, Lapis Lazuli, and Peridot.
    Favorite songs: I have too many fav songs to count,
    how about a playlist? Playlist:
    One of my all time favorites is Mirror Gem [Piano].
    It just sounds... really sad. :( Also, another all time
    favorite is Peridot's theme, Pearl's theme, Connie's theme,
    and Rose's theme.
    As you see, I have way too many favorite songs to count,
    so just click on the playlist, but only if your interested. :)

    Favorites for me:
    Fav pet: Dog or cat, idk.
    Fav type of music: Piano, pop, video game music.
    Fav music disc: 1. Ward 2. Cat
    Fav colors: Pink and blue
    Fav day of the week: Friday
    Fav food: Pizza, chicken nuggets, etc.
    Fav seasons: Fall, Winter
    Fav video game: Minecraft

    Why I joined EMC:
    "I've always wanted a server where
    we could be unique, have fun, make new friends,
    and not have to deal with pesky griefers or pvp.
    The reason I say that is, because, like you, before
    I went to EMC, I always had a tough job finding a
    server that was right for me. I did try some
    Minigame Servers like Mineplex or Hypixel, but they
    just weren't for me.
    The surprising thing, was how corrupt
    the community and the staff were. Hackers
    everywhere, mean and nasty players,
    people pretending they have certain diseases for fame
    or money,
    I've dealt with it all.
    Even if there are probably some good
    staff on Mineplex or Hypixel, too many
    players to do anything about.
    I actually did find a good decent
    server, ONCE. But it was kind of "meh."
    I did meet a few friends,
    but my house was griefed
    multiple times, at least 4 or 5 times,
    to be exact. The commands
    didn't work very well for me,
    I couldn't protect my house at ALL.
    Luckily, I found EMC, shortly after that. :)"