May 9, 2024
  • Leprechaun
    Class: Event
    Released: March 17th, 2024
    Update: Seasonal
    Spawn: Wilderness
    Health (HP):
    Impact of player settings

    General information(top)

    The Leprechaun is a special event mob that was released for St. Patrick's Day in 2024 announced here. They are a friendly mob and will not attack you, but if you right-click on them they will gift one of a couple unique items. If they are killed, there are no drops. When this mob spawns, no message appears in Chat, but if you run around you can spot them by the green particles they emit.



    Note: Based on difficulty 5. These tables focus on Custom Items. If you notice an error, contact MoreMoople

    There's an array of EMC exclusive mobs in the Wastelands and Frontier.