Blizz Ard

Jan 2, 2016
Blizz Ard
  • Blizz Ard
    Class: Event
    Released: December 18th, 2014
    Update: Seasonal
    Spawn: Wilderness

    Blizz Ard is a special version of a snow golem. It was a temporary mob that was created for the 2014 Christmas Event and was re-added for the 2015 Christmas Event.

    Blizz Ard spawns in the overworld, but it does not spawn in any desert or ocean biomes -- those biomes are not safe for snow golems. Upon spawning, the message The area is getting colder... appears in nearby players' Chat boxes as a signal that Blizz Ard is close.

    2014 Christmas Event(top)

    Blizz Ard was first introduced in the 2014 event, which lasted from December 18th, 2014 to January 11th, 2015. Blizz Ard had a base total of 2048 health, and attacked any players or mobs around it with harmless snowballs.

    During this event, the Holiday Chest was introduced.

    2015 Christmas Event(top)

    Blizz Ard was added back for the 2015 event, which started on December 23rd, 2015. The event is not over yet. In this update, Blizz Ard had its HP reduced, and his snowballs were improved to deal damage. This version of the Blizz Ard also introduced more drops.

    During this event, the Holiday Chest was re-added.



    Holiday Chest(top)

    In addition to Blizz Ard, Holiday Chests spawned randomly in the wilderness during the Christmas Event. When a chest spawned, a message appeared in the Chat, which read Holiday Magic can be found near (X,Z). Once a player has found the chest, that player would see a sign above the chest, stating "Holiday Chest." Inside the chest, various quantities of diamonds, emeralds, gold ingots, iron ingots, oak saplings, torches, and snow could be found.

    There's an array of EMC exclusive mobs in the Wastelands and Frontier.

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