Dec 29, 2015
  • Avalauncher

    Type: Miscellaneous
    Released: December 18th, 2014
    Update: Seasonal
    Obtained by: Token Exchange; Blizz Ard Drop
    Attributes: Soulbound
    Lore: One snowball to rule them all / <=: Happy Holidays 2014 :=>
    The 2014 and 2015 Holiday Seasons brought a hostile snow golem known as Blizz Ard. The Avalauncher snowball is a companion item for the mob, acting as a mechanized part of Blizz Ard that will allow any player who obtains it to fire snowballs infinitely.

    To obtain an Avalauncher in 2014, players had to pay Tokens rather than killing the mob. In 2015, players could use Tokens, or they could obtain the item from Blizz Ard as a rare drop. The introduction of Token exchange meant that the Avalauncher could be redeemed as a promotional item lasting only for the Holiday period. This could be achieved initially by filling out the form in this thread, and was later available via an in-game command in 2014 for 20k Tokens. In 2015, the command /tbuy avalauncher would allow the player to buy an Avalauncher for 10k Tokens.

    The lore shown in the template on the right shows the 2014 version. The 2015 version of the Avalauncher did not show the year in its lore, and read "Happy Holidays" in red text.

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