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  1. Hey everyone,
    You've met Frosty the Snowman and the little goofy Olaf guy. Now it's time to meet the hidden gem of the snowmen (though he prefers to be called a snow golem).
    Meet Blizz Ard!

    Mr. Ard loves the cold weather and he's decided to stick around the Empire for a while.
    His favorite part about the winter is being able to have snowball fights. You'll likely see him strolling around the wild, but beware: he's got one powerful arm.

    If he snows you in, you'll likely need a powerful shovel. Have no fear, we've got one just for you!
    Type /promo ESCD to get yourself a special shovel that can clear away those snow piles in a jiffy (and anything else for that matter).

    Blizz Ard's magic also brought a few other surprises to the Empire. You might find one of his Holiday Chests hanging around the wild with lots of goodies to spare. If you are close enough, some of the residual magic might even give you a hint of where to find it...

    Oh, but that's not all...
    One day while chasing Blizz Ard and his clones, Aikar found a special item on the ground. It was Blizz Ard's 2nd most precious item: his Avalauncher snowball. This magical snowball allows Blizz Ard to throw snowballs for hours on end and never run out and, thanks to modern technology, it's been mass produced for your enjoyment. Of course, when Blizz Ard found out about this, he was quite upset at Aikar and made him promise that it would only be given to those that proved themselves worthy. Show your worth by trading in 20,000 tokens by typing /tbuy avalauncher in game for your own Avalauncher!

    If that's his 2nd most precious item, I wonder what is his 1st.....
  2. And More! Since this is more of a full update thread, here are some other changes in this update! Got a few round of Chickeneer updates out :)

    • EMC-344Feature signs such as RTS and Message signs can now be triggered by Trip Wire!
    • EMC-174The pesky error message about "Another shop detected" when a shop is on other side of a wall should be fixed
    • EMC-588 Hit box for marlix bat has been increased, which should help with phantom hits that don't do anything, making it a bit easier to hit him.
    • EMC-660 More cases are now handled where lored blocks like the promo torch and previous promo flowers would lose their lore when the block they are on/in was broken. Only flowers placed after this update will keep lore when broken, but any previous torch or other attached block will be good and safe to break now.
  3. Gotta catch em all
  4. How long do we have to earn the 12k tokens?
  5. This is the best day ever.
    Best promos, great event, great updates. Thank you!
  6. Thanks Aikar, this looks sweet!
  7. I'm speechless! :D
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  8. How long does Blizz Ard last? O:
  9. Spawn in waste too?
  10. Wow, neat way to make use of tokens! Thanks for the cool promos!
  11. @Override
    protected boolean canSpawn(Location loc) {
    if (loc.getWorld().getEnvironment() != World.Environment.NORMAL) {
    return false;
    switch (loc.getBlock().getBiome()) {
    case DESERT:
    case DESERT_HILLS:
    case DEEP_OCEAN:
    case OCEAN:
    return false;
    return true;

    Yes, but normal worlds only. Excludes biomes not safe for snowmen.
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  12. Does the avalauncher have unlimited uses?
  13. also, I will be adding a command tomorrow (or the weekend... Aikar time) to buy the Avalauncher w/o going through staff.

    So the form is temporary until I get the command in. It'll be a rough implementation just to make do, but I have plans for a nicer GUI system for token purchases later.
  14. How long do we have to get the tokens?
  15. Mr. Blizz Ard holds off a skelly while I dispatch a spider. Maybe he's a good guy after all :)

    Merry Christmas!
  16. Love It!
  17. This is all great. Thanks for everything. :)
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