1.20.4 and St Patrick's Day Update - 3/17/2024

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  1. Greetings all. This morning I have released Minecraft 1.20.4 to the EMC servers. As was the case previously, none of the experimental features are enabled.

    This is a minor update and hopefully nothing has broken. Please message devs immediately if you notice a problem! https://pmdev.emc.gs/

    Also! I am also announcing that MrSocks75 is returning to the dev team after a hiatus. We welcome him back and look forward to his contributions back to EMC! :)

    Also. The title promises a St Patrick's Day Update. Allow me to introduce your local neighborhood Leprechaun. You will need to venture out of town to meet him. Talk to him and he might give you a gift!

    The Leprechaun's respawn rate is cranked fairly high but there is a 3 minute cooldown for 'you'. They are friendly and cannot attack you. Just right-click on them. You will just have to wander around and find them. There are two unique items that you can get from them. The leprechauns will be wandering around for a couple weeks.
    Edit: There isn't really a "practical usage" to the items. Just cute.

    A side note about the 1.20.4 update.
    The most noteworthy change is that Decorated Pots can now store a stack worth of an item and can be destroyed with arrows. These pots have residence and antigrief protection. BUT the stored items can be hopper-d out. So make sure the block below it also has protection. There is lock protection as well.

    There were a couple of fixes rolled into this update. Hoping to have some follow up updates soon.

    Finally, remember that at the end of this week is planned a wastelands reset. 3/22/2024
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  2. Very nice Chickeneer, and welcome back MrSocks75
  3. Wow! Thank you so much for all your efforts to keep EMC thriving and for creating fun ways to find promos.

    Welcome back MrSocks.
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  4. Welcome back MrSocks75 yay!! :D
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  5. Loving this!!! Thank you for all your hard work, chickeneer!!! Welcome back MrSocks75!!!
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  6. Welcome back MrSocks75!!! Happy St Paddys Day all o/
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  7. Wearing my St. Patty's day green socks today but glad to be putting on the Dev Blue socks again for the Empire!
  8. Ayyy, dem secret hoards o Treasure, just a-waitin fer to scour these lands and sack em like the grand ol days afore.

    Ahoy thar Mr.Socks!
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  9. Can i kill said leprechaun and take all his gold?
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  10. Happy leprechaun equals gold for days!

    Welcome back Socks! Glad to see you in the mod socks once again.
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  11. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! It’s nice to see an event for it. Also, welcome back to the dev team, MrSocks! :D
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  12. There is no reward for murdering our friend the leprechaun
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  13. I dont need a reward it just sounded fun >.>
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  14. Do they spawn in place of a normal mob? Been running around utopia wild for awhile and not seen one.
  15. Yeah, just like all of the other custom mobd
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  16. Wish i could wear the leprechaun's hoard as a hat
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  18. Congratulations MrSocks75!
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  19. has anyone managed to get the second unique item?
    so far I am 7-0 for the renamed gold nugget.
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  20. Is there a message displayed when they spawn?

    I've been running around the Frontier looking and haven't found one yet.