Waste Reset Scheduled March 22 - 2024

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  1. Hey all, it has been about almost 4 months since the last waste reset - so here is a 2 1/2 week warning that I plan to conduct a waste reset sometime on/around March 22nd.

    So there ya go, ye have been warning to go get your stuff.

    We are still running 1.20.2, and at some point we will be upgrading to version 1.20.4. There is no ETA on such update. Next week is my Spring Break, so I hope to accomplish 'something' during that time.

    The next waste reset should correspond to the Minecraft 1.21 release which will likely release during the summertime.
  2. yay! new waste!
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  3. Awesome! Great news! Looking forward to exploring new areas.
  4. oh boy time to go mining again
  5. Looking forward to it!
  6. So to be clear, the Waste coming on 3/22 will be 1.20.2, but the one after that will be 1.21?
  7. Correct
  8. Re-bumping this. Sometime Friday evening is the likely time for this reset
  9. Thank you!
  10. The wastelands have been reset. The next wastelands reset will come alongside the 1.21 update sometime this summer.

    Note there will be a 1.20.5 before 1.21. The wastelands will not reset for 1.20.5
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  11. I really wish I had seen this in advance....ugh
  12. Apparently I missed smp8. Its waste is now reset.
  13. Ahh man...why couldn't it have been Utopia...lol
  14. SMP8... always gotta be the weird one ;)
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