WASTE RESET WARNING - November 17/18

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    Exact time is not known, likely will be quite late - don't stay up special for it. :)

    Here ye, here ye. I am announcing a wastelands reset. I am scheduling it for late night November 17th or early morning November 18th. So it will be reset in time for the full week of American Thanksgiving. Consider this your warning to retrieve your stuff! Message Senior Staff if there is a problem preventing you from doing so.

    Noting that recently I polled on this topic here - which showed that an overwhelming majority of respondents would prefer the 4 month reset schedule as opposed to a longer schedule.

    We are still running 1.20.1. If we still have not updated to 1.20.2 by that date, I will push that update alongside the waste reset. There are no world generation differences that I am aware of - just noting that we need to migrate to 1.20.2 at some point at which time 1.20.1 client connections will be discontinued.

    As I have time, I am always working on something new. I don't have anything specific to announce at this time though. Admittedly, my work schedule keeps me very busy. I am pleased with the new things I tried for Halloween. I have some easy ideas for the future based on how it turned out.

    I will go ahead and note that the next waste reset should be Mid-March. I don't want to commit to a particular date yet, but I could see the advantage to picking a date immediately preceding common Spring Breaks for school/college aged people. I don't anticipate Minecraft 1.21 releasing to summer. It is my opinion that they have moved to a yearly release cycle for major version updates.

    Ta Ta for now!
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  2. yipee thanks chicken for epic and cool reset my dude :+1:
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  3. im going to guess it will be november 18th
    anyone wanna place bets?
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  4. ✨️ It's that magical time again ✨️
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  5. Seems that someone should drag out that up-DATE game again, as some are wanting to start the betting process.

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    Exact time is not known, likely will be quite late - don't stay up special for it. :)
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  7. Well it looks like it’s time to log in and mine all them ores before they get deleted.
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  8. er ma gurrrrrrd

    its 11/17 and i guessed 11/18 :'(
    so close
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  9. I have something I am helping with this evening, when I say tonight, it will most certainly be past midnight EMC time
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  10. well i hope that goes well.... and I am excited :D
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  11. The time is almost upon us. Get ready for new landscapes and cave systems to rip apart! I mean, preserve until the end of time. lol
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  12. I am resetting the wastelands now. Was planning on pushing out the 1.20.2 update - but I have to be somewhere later this morning - and don't particularly want to push an update and not be around in case a follow-up bug fix update would be needed.
  13. I found some time this afternoon and upgraded us to 1.20.2 - Be sure to message me if there are any issues relating to that update!