[POLL] Waste Reset Timer

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Are we ready for a waste reset in 1 month?

Poll closed Oct 21, 2023.
Yes, keep the 4 month schedule 41 vote(s) 78.8%
No, Need more time (6 months) 7 vote(s) 13.5%
No, Other? 1 vote(s) 1.9%
I don't know, but I want to vote. 3 vote(s) 5.8%
  1. Good Afternoon all. Chickeneer here with a quick survey. 1 week deadline.

    With the 1.20 update, I announced that the waste reset schedule would be every 4 months. Seeing as it is the 3 month marker - I figured I would put a poll up to see if we are comfortable with that schedule or if more time is appropriate for the current activity levels of EMC.

    I think the voting options are self explanatory. Feel free to discuss.

    In the past, it has been the end cities that are most desired for a waste reset. Is there something else individually, that feels like a special need for a reset but not the rest?
  2. 4 months seems really good to be honest, plenty of time to explore/harvest what you need from the wastes without getting sick of seeing the same things.
  3. 4 months is gud 4 EMC's vitality

  4. It's nice to have new end cities but the suspicious sand needs to be reset on a regular basis.
  5. How about a middle option of 5 months. Otherwise the 4 month option.

    My reasoning:
    If there are rare items that need to be reset, well they are rare for a reason.
    Sometimes there are geode farms/pillager towers/etc that would like to be used for a couple of months after finding them and putting in some work to make them useful (or just located)
    This would also include the ocean explorers, miner mania, fishy group locations that are recent and we would like to keep using them for a bit... My one caveat for this is that the Moople and other mods are doing a wonderful job of keeping the events current that maybe the new events would replace the older locations.

    So ... ehh? 4-5 months is comfortable choice
  6. wen would the waste reset be
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  7. in ~ 1 month
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  8. I will make a separate thread announcing a reset date
  9. I voted for the 6 month option. Personally, I spend lots of time out in the wild and frontier, much more than in town. Seeing all the things that are out there takes time. Especially when you try to go to other SMP's. After trying to explore around the spawn points on my SMP, I try to check out a couple of other SMP's to see how the other halves are living and working. 4 months just seems to go by so fast and does it benefit the shop keeper or the average Joe Miner, I'm not sure. As mentioned previous concerning Rare Items, Does it introduce more of a scarce product in to the market.

    Just a few thoughts. I am good with the four month but am leaning towards 5-6 months.
    Great job Chickeneer!
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  10. um ace good news for you this is about the waste not the wild wild never resets
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  11. There are some crazy builds you my discover people have put up in the waste. I did not know until I started traveling the waste and seen some build sites. I went to the approx top NE corner of the smp 1 waste and built an outpost with a portal into a fresh untouched nether. It will be sad to see it go, but on to the next build spot wherever it may be, Right? Always another block to break lol
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  12. oh i see the mistake I made labeling the waste as "the Wild". I know the frontier is not reset but i guess I just got confused on the names. Thanks Daanhu for the catch!
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