1.20.4 and St Patrick's Day Update - 3/17/2024

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  1. are leprechaun heads a thing?
  2. apologies for not seeing this and sending the spawn eggs report in :) Got this replied to and now I will watch this.
  3. I'm enjoying the company of the leprechauns :D
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  4. Cookies from Grammas oven wont stack for me either. I bake them fresh daily.
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  5. I am hoping to get the stacking issue looked at this weekend.

    I 'think' it is something I can fix - if it is the issue I think it is. Long short, Mojang changed how text is changed in the NBT of lore.
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  6. I made an attempt at fixing the stacking items overnight. It still has some problems though. Tonight's reboot should actually fix it.
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  7. This morning's nightly reboot should have put the new non-stacking items issue to reset.

    I also have attempted to squash a bug with villagers not wanting to breed. I was able to successfully breed a villager in the frontier - which players have told me has been a challenge.
  8. There is something fishy with buried treasure maps. I've had 2 disappear totally on me when opening them, 3 turning into a regular map and 2 functioning normal. Besides that there is some weird LAG when trying to open a chest containing a treasure map, up to 20-30 secs.
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  9. the lag is kinda old. it has probably to do with the fact that the BTM needs to be generated for the world it is in, and it is a different way from vanilla (if I understood correctly)
    the maps turning into regular maps, is also an oldish bug. you can spot them before "opening" them by seeing that they lack the scribbles on them and they look plain, exactly like empty maps

    I never seen maps disappear.
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  10. Thanks for reporting this!
    Could you tell me a server and approximate time this occurred? I will take a look.
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  11. I seek out treasure maps after every reset and have never seen any disappear. The lag and blank maps has been around for a long time.

    Treasure maps cover a large area so if I found a blank one I know I will find more blank ones in that area.
  12. I can't do much about the lag, other than just turn them off completely.
    I am interested in disappearing maps though
  13. The blank treasure maps also isn't an EMC-specific issue, I've had it happen to me in SP recently. Don't think I've ever come across disappearing maps though.
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  14. One of the more recent updates Mojang swapped the model used for Bats. So if you're running any old resource packs that have the texture for the bat on the old model, it attempts to put said texture on the new model, leading to this glitchy and broken bat. That's at least my experience with my broken bats.
  15. the buried treasure maps have been broken essentially since they were a thing on EMC. chicken is aware of this.
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  16. Don't let Mr. Krabs find out, he'll be upset that he'll never be able to find the lost booty!
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