Residence Selling Rules

Apr 26, 2017
Residence Selling Rules
  • Ever since the Quality of Life update was released, it has become possible to sell your residence to another player without the need to unclaim it.
    • /res changeowner <new owner> - This transfers residence ownership to the other player without resetting the residence.
      • Things to be aware of: both players (current & new owner) must be online, both players must accept a confirmation prompt (first the owner, then the future owner), the new owner must have an open residence slot available (see /res list), and finally, you cannot get two Residences on the Utopia server.
      • Note that this command will cost each player involved 25,000r.
    Rules for Selling a Residence
    • You may create a new forum thread in the appropriate forum section (Products, Businesses & Services).
    • When you are selling a residence, you may list items in the chest(s) on the residence, but these must be accessible through attached preview sign(s) or use the /togglepreview command on the residence to make all chest contents visible (if you have the container:preview flag).
      • This allows players to view the contents of the chest(s), which are part of the residence transfer before buying. This prevents "blind deals".
    • When initiating the transfer, there will be a disclaimer that informs you that the residence is being transferred as-is. Staff members will not get involved with disputes over residence sales.
    • Residences may not be auctioned off.
    • The only other allowed method to sell a residence is to unclaim it by using the command /res unclaim. Remember that selling a residence flag without giving up complete ownership of the residence is not allowed.
    Please follow the simple and fair EMC rules derived from our professional staff team.