Mar 22, 2020
  • The Groups feature allows players to share EXP and buffs, and to create temporary private Chat channels (/ch g) exclusive to that group.

    Group Commands(top)

    Please see the Commands: Groups page for a full list of these.

    Dropped EXP(top)

    If someone dies and they are not online, members of a group are able to pick up each other's EXP, circumventing the normal blockages. EXP will be returned to the person who died.

    EXP boosts and sharing(top)

    Actions that reward players with EXP (including killing mobs, mining, smelting, etc.) are applied EXP boosts when players are in a group. EXP dropped after a group kills a mob will be on the ground, but the pickup ratio is distributed between group members.

    Effect buffs while in a group(top)

    Players may obtain buffs from being in a Group together. Players must work together to gain these bonuses. The bonuses are attack and defense from attacking monsters, and Haste from digging or mining. These buffs have different conditions on their caps, depending on the group's size.

    Integration with the Anti-Griefing System(top)

    View the Commands: Anti-Griefing System page to view its Commands relevant to Groups.

    Setting a group difficulty(top)

    The command /group difficulty [#] will set the group to a difficulty level. Setting this to 0 will allow players to choose their own difficulty. Group difficulty acts as a minimum; a player can still choose to play higher than the group's level.

    The various difficulty settings of players who kill a mob can result in differing EXP and loot drops. If someone is on difficulty 4, and another on difficulty 10, the rewards will be reduced, compared to if both players were on difficulty 10.

    Public groups(top)

    Using /group public, you can toggle whether your group can be joined by anyone (by typing /join [any member of group]). When this setting on, the group and its purpose are announced to players near the group leader. These announcements may be turned off through the [Chat] Player Settings.

    Group teleporting(top)

    When EMC turned 5 years old, Aikar added group teleporting (see here for the announcement). Group teleporting allows members within a group to teleport to each other. Both the group leader, as well as all individual players in the group, can control whether or not they want to allow other players to teleport to them.

    In Town(top)

    In the Town (or Town-like environments like the Wastelands and the Frontier outposts), all group members can teleport to each other an unlimited number of times as long as teleporting is allowed within the group, and as long as the destination player also allows it.

    Outside Town(top)

    When you are in the Wastelands or in the Wilderness, some extra restrictions apply to the use of group teleportation:
    • Players need to be within 48 blocks of each other. Note that this distance is measured in 3D (i.e. it includes your height level difference).
    • You may only teleport to other players once every 15 minutes.
    Players can use the Player Settings menu (/ps command) to change whether or not they want to allow others players to teleport to them. See the [Misc] section.

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