New Features and bug fixes! 7/25/2016

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  1. Hello everyone! Double post as I didn't want to distract between the Birthday and the update, and kept Krysyy's post :) (PSST: It's EMC's Birthday)

    A new feature that we added to track all the way back in 2013 is finally being released for the Groups system!

    Group Teleporting
    Before you bring the pitchforks out, no this will not let you travel vast distances in the wild. A common request EMC has received is to add "/tpa" as commonly seen on other servers.

    We never wanted to just copy that exact command, but we did want to provide similar features that worked well with EMC's style.

    So now, within town, you can teleport to any of your fellow group members. Any where that you can use the typical /v or /town or other teleporting based commands, you can teleport to each other.

    You may teleport using /gtp <playername>

    This feature can be controlled through 3 ways to stop people from teleporting to you:

    1) Group leader can toggle /gr allowtp
    2) Residences can set grouptp flag to false
    3) Player can set a player setting (/ps) to disallow group TP's to you

    Teleporting within "Town Like" areas (this includes the Outposts in the Wastelands and Frontier, as with many other EMC commands, these areas are considered "Town" and you can still TP there), is unlimited.

    A good example of using it, is instead of an organizer saying "everyone meet me at south wastelands by the east stairs", you can just say "/gtp to me when ready"

    Teleporting in the Wilderness
    Group Teleporting is allowed in the wilderness, with steep restrictions.

    1) You must be within 48 blocks of the target player (distance is calculated in 3D! so you can not teleport 3 chunks unless you were on the same Y coord)
    2) You may only teleport once per 15 minutes.

    This will allow players to use teleporting as a means to quickly regroup if they get separated or lost but still relatively close.

    So if you have that clumsy group member who loves to fall into ravines....but didn't die, and happens to not have a pickaxe on them or any dirt blocks.... you can now get them back with the group without having to hold the entire group up to rescue them!

    Other changes!

    Ok to the normal changelog style notes
    • The bug that players were exploiting to use colored [MESSAGE] signs in the book has been fixed.
      However, instead of completely taking away colored message signs, we have allowed supporters to use normal color codes (& style) in the books on their Residence.

      NOTE: this is the feature for [message] on a sign to trigger a message to a user, not general colored signs. All players can still make colored signs.
    • On placing an ender crystal, a message will show stating to use the egging system to reclaim it.
    • The Entity Limiter system has received a massive update and finally fixed the bugs with the auto enforcement system.

      Auto Enforcement of ent counts has been re-enabled (so if you're over the ent count, it will remove entities to get you back under the count)

      The logic behind this system is now a bit smarter, and favors newer entities before old.

      So the order goes like this:
      Monsters, in order of age from youngest to oldest
      Animals, in order of age from youngest to oldest

      So players with Villager farms in the wild shouldn't ever have their villagers removed, as it will favor the new monsters and animals first.

      But there shouldn't be any more bugs in it over killing any more. We identified what caused it, fixed it, and tested it thoroughly now.
    • Hopefully finally fixed RTS teleporting sign bugs
    • Misc potential shop bugs
    • Added the color to the price on a shop purchase back
    • The bug where a mob could be still considered "owned" by an empty group should now be fixed.
  2. Awesome! Nice changes, I like the new teleport command. Now players will have a small taste of what /g is like :p
    Also, it is not cool to eat ducks looks at Vortixin's comment
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  3. First and Happy Birthday
    Im gona Have Duck for Dinner
    Second :(
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  4. Happy Birthday EMC!

    Edit: Third! That's how this works right? xD Now to put this on the other thread too xD
    Second edit: Cool updates too I guess xD
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  5. That's cool I guess
  6. I thought a common request was greif protection and Dragon Tombs. But that might be my observation.

    Where is the addition of Skeleton Horses if I may ask?
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  7. Questioning the colored signs "bug". So we wont be able to make bold, or colored signs unless we are a supporter?
  8. I think this was relating to [message] signs.
  9. awesome impliments! Still waiting on grief protection though... half a year later+
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  10. It's next on the list, just IRL has been really busy. But just got a lot of pending work crossed off list and AG is the last item left now.

    Correct, normal sign creations all players can use colors. [message] signs had been attempting to strip formatting (As it was meant to be a simple message LIKE residence enter/leave messages), but people found out how to bypass my stripping code.

    But since colored res messages are a supporter perk, I don't see harm in letting supporters do colored message signs too.
  11. Awesome! Will hold you to that boss!
  12. Awesome! I like the Group Tp :)
  13. Awesome up date Aikar and Co. :p

    I'm sure /gtp will make hosting events in the waste much easier ^_^

    I can see myself at the end of my next Big Dig saying "/gtp to me for the group selfie!" Instead of "Meet me at this location for a group selfie" hehe x3

    Thank you!
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  14. This is awesome! Thanks dev team!
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  15. Well, the /gtp will help me keep up with my brother when we go waste-running. XD Good work Aikar! You never cease to amaze!
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  16. I wasn't expecting the gtp to be able to be used in the wild too, but the restrictions sound fair!
    Except perhaps you could use it to escape deaths by having it ready to paste/up-arrow in before falling.
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  17. Nice fixes and updates there. I was questioning the/gtp in the wild at first, but I'm glad it has those restrictions, it sounds much fairer that way. Good job :)
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  18. First of all, awesome update!

    I think the /gtp command in town is very slick, but just like 607 out there I am a little concerned about the theoretical issue of minor exploitation.

    Agreed. Or what about macro mods? I can easily see how some players could use this setup to construct some kind of "death escape".

    But I this still goes both ways a bit: It means that there need at least be 2 players present, and it's not that uncommon for players to help each other out. Also: once per 15 minutes. And trust me: those hostile mobs don't have watches because for them it's always "let's attack the player" time :D

    That would be AyanamiKun & me I guess :p

    Apologies, I never realized that it was actually exploiting a bug. Also because I've seen other players use it long before and the used codes were very consistent (I never figured it could actually be an issue of escaping and injecting codes). Guess I got some fixing to do here (will sort that out today).
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  19. We can look into squashing using it before death.
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  20. Nice job with the group teleport command, it's without a doubt one of my favorite additions from all the updates in the past several months :)
    Should be an easy fix. Just check if they're taking damage or not and if so, /gtp is blocked
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