Formatted Signs

Jan 24, 2023
Formatted Signs

  • On EMC, you can color the text on signs using special codes. This lets you draw attention to specific parts of the sign, or just make it look pretty.

    To use a color code, type it before the text you want to appear on the sign - for example, &6Empire &bMC would show up as Empire MC on the sign.

    It is possible to use colored text on any sign you create in the Empire. To do so, simply use a color code, for example, &b, and then all the text after that will be that color. The color codes available are shown below:

    /colors - Shows you a list of color codes

    Formatting codes are used in the same way as color codes.

    &l - Bold
    &m - Striked
    &n - Underlined
    &o - Italic
    &k - Random text - as shown on the credits after you leave the End.
    &r - Default back to normal text

    Color and formatting codes do not work in the Chat. However, Gold and Diamond supporters can use them to set Residence Enter and Leave messages, as well as away messages and Do Not Disturb messages.

    EMC has many features to take advantage of that revolve around certain aspects of multiplayer Minecraft.