1.9 Update

Apr 2, 2018
1.9 Update
  • On May 30th, 2016, Empire Minecraft updated to Minecraft version 1.9 (the “Combat Update”), and it was announced here. While implementing various additions and changes added by Mojang, compatibility also brought with it some additional exclusive features for EMC.

    Vanilla additions and changes(top)

    A full list of the additions and changes that were added to EMC with 1.9 can be found on the Minecraft Wiki here.

    Some major features that are relevant to EMC, however, include:
    • More advanced combat mechanics, including dual-wielding items
    • Changes to the End world, including the End cities and the End ships, as well as various new mobs, blocks, and items related to the End
      • Respawnable Ender Dragon
      • The elytra, a hang-glider
      • A craftable ender crystal
    • Changes to mob spawning, which will prevent mobs from spawning on rails

    Changes on EMC to accommodate 1.9(top)

    End and End Crystal(top)

    To allow players to experience the new features found in the End, an additional, resetting End world for the Wastelands has been created. The portal/pedestal is protected from griefing, but it does not provide protection from damage. Visit the Wastelands world wiki page for information on its scheduled resets. The existing End world will remain as part of the Frontier, and will not be reset.

    Ender Dragon(top)

    1.9 introduces a craftable End Crystal. It is also distinguishable from the existing rare version held by Original Dragon Egg owners.

    The key difference between the two is that placement of the craftable version is only restricted to obsidian, bedrock, and block placement permissions. It can also be used to respawn the Ender Dragon.

    The old End Crystal can be placed infinitely, with each placement consuming a craftable End Crystal. They can only be placed anywhere on the owner of the Original Dragon Egg's residence or in the Frontier/Wastelands by right-clicking, and cannot be used to spawn an Ender Dragon.

    All of the crystals can be retrieved by eggifying them (right-clicking them with sticks).

    The Dragon does not drop a dragon egg when it is killed on EMC, even when it is killed for the first time, or after a reset.


    A glide flag has been added for Elytra usage on Residences.

    Please note that with the addition of the elytra, illegal movement mods are still not permitted on EMC.

    Frost Walker Enchantment(top)

    Using the frost walker enchantment to create frosted blocks requires the build:frost flag.

    Other features(top)

    This update also introduces various exclusive aspects of Minecraft on EMC.

    Wastelands Expansion(top)

    Upon the reset, the Wastelands will now be 16,000 blocks by 16,000 blocks in size.

    Self-replenishing Loot/Treasure Chests(top)

    Once looted, a treasure chest outside of the Town will refill itself if a different player opens the chest after an extended period of time (in order to prevent farming).

    These chests cannot be broken. Additionally, refills may overwrite any existing items in the chest.

    Shop System Update(top)

    This update introduces two new and revamped aspects of the shop system. More information on it and the shop system as a whole can be found in the Player Economy category.

    Shop signs set up with a “#” instead of an item ID or a [SLOT] number on the 4th line will become “pending” once the sign is created. Left-clicking the sign while holding the item you wish to sell will complete the chest shop-creating process. The 4th line of the shop sign will adjust to reflect the name of the item.

    This feature can serve as a useful replacement for [SLOT] signs because it also works with all items (including Custom Items and enchantments with long item IDs), but in addition, the chest may be empty, and players can still sell any item that is being purchased by the sign.

    Secondly, the command /createshopmode allows a shop owner to edit what a shop sign sells without breaking and rewriting the entire sign. As with the previous new addition, simply left-click the sign with the new item in your main hand. No “#” has to be written on the 4th line beforehand.

    Miscellaneous Changes(top)

    • Added container:dropper subflag
    • Added a combust flag.
    • Shiny Arrows now reflect the 1.9 bow behavior in arrow preference
    • Process fly flag changes on Utopia to allow flight without re-entering res
    • Fix res message remove command
    • Ensure vanilla minibosses do not despawn based on EMC miniboss behavior rules
    • Ender Pearls restricted to teleporting a max of 200 blocks to block exploits
    • Server Signs on Player's Residences will no longer trigger by walking to avoid surprise teleports
    • Sign creation now runs the Chat filter rules
    • Risk Gauge will no longer run on Vanilla MiniBosses for Difficulty < 3 (Wither)
    • Fixed res pset for multiple users
    • Many performance improvements on EMC's own code
    • Dispensers now check combust flag
    • Squids will now drop their head
    • More grammar/language updates
    EMC has many features to take advantage of that revolve around certain aspects of multiplayer Minecraft.