Empire Minecraft 1.9.4 Update

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  1. It is finally here, the 1.9 Update! Sorry this has taken so long, as there were many unforeseen problems with this update (we need to stop saying the the next update is simpler than the previous, as Mojang knows how to screw things up well!)

    This of course is The Combat Update. 1.9 drastically changed combat and revitalized the End Dragon fight!

    EMC has also taken great steps to improve the quality of gameplay for this update too.

    Dragon Rewards / Details / Future
    In Vanilla, the Dragon will drop an egg on the first kill only. This is of course not really balanced for those who were simply unable to be on when the Wastelands gets reset.

    Therefore, the mechanics are changed, in that it will never drop an egg, but every dragon kill will result in a Dragon Head being placed on top of the pedestal where the egg would be.

    A dragon head for slaying the dragon is quite a fitting reward :)

    In a future update, we are also considering adding Elytra as a RARE DROP to Difficulty 6+ kills of the Dragon, to help provide a renewable way to obtain the Elytra (since the End is finite, even in the Frontier. Vanilla will stop generating Islands after a certain point)

    The Dragon Egg will remain as planned, a Token Reward item. We will try to get the Token Purchase system in place soon.

    The Dragon will also in a future update be added to the EMC special mob system, and it then will also provide Tokens for killing it, but the tokens will be comparative to current mini bosses and will not be as much as the future Dragon Tombs Event.

    Wastelands Changes / RESET!
    The Wastelands has received a major update! It has quadrupled in size! It is now 16k x 16k.
    Additionally, there is now a Wastelands End world. Just as with the other Wastelands, this will reset on a schedule and every major MC update.

    Wastelands Strongholds (which by the way, Vanilla has increased to have many more of them!) will now take you to the Wastelands End.

    Frontier End may only be accessed by Frontier Strong Holds. Sr Staff have manually inserted at least 3 Strongholds per SMP Frontier, and as of 1.9, Eye of Enders should direct you to those locations in the Frontier. If any player knows where the ORIGINAL Strongholds are, we can add them to the list to make the eyes work for them too. Just PM SS! We may add even more to the new Far out Outpost in the future too to increase overall # of Strongholds in the Frontier.

    Also, once things are stable with this update, within the hour, the Wastelands will be reset.

    Shop Update
    So excited about this one! For the longest time, players have had to use [slot] signs to sell items with lore and other special properties to players. This has been a flawed system from the get go, as:
    1. Buyer/Seller has no idea what item they are acting on until they click
    2. When selling items, once a player buys your last stock, the shop becomes broken
    We are now introducing a new preferred way of setting up the shops.

    FULL GUIDE: Creating Player Shops - Rough Summary:
    1. When creating the sign, write # on the last line, or if you want you can even customize the text that will appear on the 4th line by writing text after #
      EX: #400k Chestplate
    2. After sign is created, it will say ## PENDING ##
    3. You may now left click the sign while holding the item to create the shop for
    4. The sign will either then change to the items name, or the custom text that you entered when creating the sign
    5. Your shop is ready!
    The item that sign is bound to is now stored virtually, and even if you sell the last of your stock, another player can still sell you that item (if it's a dual buy:sell sign)

    So you will no longer need to use Hoppers and dirt stock filled chest to control slot signs.
    I considered removing the Slot Sign Feature and auto converting signs, but in order to allow creativity, we decided to leave it in (but the only thing I can see it being useful for is "surprise shops" where a hopper keeps changing the item that's for sale)

    Shops also received an update for price creation, in that you can use K/M suffixes to prices like so:
    32K : 24K

    Ender Crystal Changes for Original Dragon Egg Owners
    Ender Crystals were a unique perk of holders of the Original Dragon Eggs.
    Vanilla now introduced these crystals to all players, and EMC is not going to restrict that.

    So in order to keep the Original Egg owners having unique perks, we've modified the Original egg to now allow unlimited crystal placement, but it will need to consume a crafted Ender Crystal. However placing Original Egg crystals has been limited to your own Residence.

    Original Egg owners may place crystals with bases (as before 1.9), at any location without using Obsidian or Bedrock.

    Normal crystals follow the vanilla rules and require Obsidian or Bedrock, and will not have a base plate.

    (All) Crystals may be retrieved by egging them with a stick.

    Auto Replenishable Treasure Chests
    1.9 introduced a new Loot Table system that lets servers / map makers control what the loot contents of a chest are when opened. While EMC did not directly use the Loot Table system itself, it did give me an idea on how to improve something for long lifetime or high player count worlds.... the treasure chests in structures in the Wild.

    One thing that has always been bad for new players entering a 2+ month old wastelands, is that every treasure chest near outposts are likely looted. The power players who rush out immediately after reset get all of that loot.

    Going forward, things will be improved! Those who get the chest first will continue to get that loot, but the chests can now refill themselves! This will only occur in the Wastelands...

    After a chests first fill, a timer will be set on the chest on a time it is allowed to auto refill. This time is randomized, and will vary per world (The end will replenish faster than the wild)

    After the time has passed, the next time a different player who does not appear to be related to anyone who previously triggered a replenish on this chest

    The exact rules on this will not be made public to avoid people trying to trick it. Essentially, we are preventing people using alts to come by and replenish every chest they opened before. We want to give everyone a fair chance to find a treasure chest and reap the rewards.

    The minimum time for a replenish is going to be at least 3-7 days and could be up to almost 2 weeks, so don't waste your time trying to game the system, just let someone else have a chance :)

    If you run through a fortress and you're the first person to find those chest, you can get the loot from every single one. In Vanilla, these chests would never refresh after that, so only the replenish is subject to the strict rules.

    Also note - That any chest spawned by the world generator that has this replenishing loot, may not be broken by players.

    You should not store your own belongings in these treasure chests as the refill process will very likely overwrite your items!

    We will add a warning about this soon.

    Misc Changes
    And here is a bunch of other smaller changes that are in the 1.9 update!

    • Added container:dropper subflag
    • Added a combust flag.
    • Shiny Arrows now reflect the 1.9 bow behavior in arrow preference
    • Process fly flag changes on Utopia to allow flight without re-entering res
    • Fix res message remove command
    • Ensure vanilla minibosses do not despawn based on EMC miniboss behavior rules
    • Ender Pearls restricted to teleporting a max of 200 blocks to block exploits
    • Server Signs on Player's Residences will no longer trigger by walking to avoid surprise teleports
    • Sign creation now runs the chat filter rules
    • Risk Gauge will no longer run on Vanilla MiniBosses for Difficulty < 3 (Wither)
    • Fixed res pset for multiple users
    • Many performance improvements on EMC's own code
    • Dispensers now check combust flag
    • Added glide flag for Elytra
    • Squids will now drop their head
    • Frostwalker requires build:frost flag
    • More grammar/language updates
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  6. There is a bug in the /waste at least on smp9. I keep dying in a wall every time I try to go there.
  7. It is in 4 too
  8. Ahhh smp3 waste is broken! I keep dieing in a wall!
  9. Will we still have to go to end citys to get elytra?
  10. There is a bug you can shoot ppl with a bow in town....
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  12. When I first say this, there were no comments, now this! Congrats to all of the EMC team for this! We all know you've been working very hard! Now the fun truly begins...1.10 ;)
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