Jul 14, 2018
  • TEXP (released February 12th, 2012) stands for Total Experience Points. It refers to the leaderboards that count the number of experience points you have gained on Empire Minecraft (lifetime and monthly).

    EXP earned while in a group is worth 5x more towards TEXP. This includes breeding, mining and smelting. Mending and villager trading EXP is excluded from this.

    There are Leaderboards for TEXP gain on the Empire, which will show how much experience points each player has gained. In order for a player to appear on the leaderboard, at least one experience point must have been earned by that player within the past month. You can find the link to these leaderboards in the Community sub-menu found on the navigation bar at the top of the Website.

    EMC has many features to take advantage of that revolve around certain aspects of multiplayer Minecraft.