Cross-server XP and introducing TEXP

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  1. This is a big update, mostly around XP (experience points).

    First of all, XP/Levels are now cross-server. This means you have the same in-game XP, no matter what server you are connected to. If you leave one server and go to another, your XP goes with you. Think of it like you rupees balance.

    Secondly, you no longer lose your in-game XP/Levels when you die. This is something many players requested during our last community survey. This also means you don't drop XP orbs when you die. This was done because of community requests as well as to support some other things we are doing with XP to not allow boosting (next paragraph).

    Finally, the most exciting part! Many players have asked for a way to compete friendly with leaderboards. This is something Minecraft is kind of missing. We played with many different ideas over the past few months. The goal was to find something that is fair for everyone, is technically plausible, and would not impact players that don't care about it. What we finally came up with was a new concept called Total Earned Experience Points, TEXP.

    Every time you pickup XP orbs (killing things) your TEXP goes up. Your TEXP never goes down, even when you spend your XP/Levels on enchantments. So even though TEXP is based off of XP it doesn't affect its use in any way. This EMC exclusive just gives you one more way to play.

    A new Leaderboards section has been added to the site (tabs on top). It contains a monthly and lifetime TEXP leaderboard. On the right of the leaderboard is a search box to locate a player. This leaderboards section will be used for some more future ideas.

    I hope everyone enjoys this update, we are hard at work on some more! As usual you can find a detailed list of release notes here:

    Thanks to ISMOOCH for making the awesome TEXP image.
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  2. yay!
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  3. Great work!
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  4. Awesome! looking forward to getting on that leaderboard, if only for a little while.. ;)
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  5. Yaay :D
    Sounds like a good update!

    To bad that I spent all of my exp on an enchantment some minutes ago :(

    Now that you don't lose exp when you enchant, the price of enchanted items will surely decrease greatly.
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  6. Yay this is great!
    All I thought was being added was the cross server XP but with leader boards and TEXP this is totally awesome!!!!!
    Thanks so much for making my minecraft experience the best it can be :D
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  7. This Looks Cool!!!!!!:):):):):)
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  8. already at the top of the leaderboard... see you guys there =)
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  9. Like the new view of my rupees and Xp in the corner!
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  10. yes the avatar update is boss.
  11. Bugs:
    • ISMOOCH is #1
    • my XP isnt showing
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  12. lol... shaun surpassed me... somehow....
  13. Why can't I see the leader boards they say there is no content yet or something?!
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  14. TEXP is delayed by up to 10 minutes. It says this at the bottom of the leaderboard, perhaps I need to move this to the top. What do you guys think?
  15. Try again - its showing data for me.
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  16. yeah i noticed that... but def should be towards the top.
  17. It might save a few posts :)
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  18. I will move it to the top and make it stand out a little more, thanks :)
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  19. Ok thanks and maybe you should move it to the top so others don't keep asking the same question as me.
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  20. Oh. . . Now it is showing data for me thanks :)
    By the way congratulations on the promotion to mod!
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