Friends System

Mar 8, 2022
Friends System
  • Since its release on October 15th, 2015, the Friends System has been a unique element of Empire Minecraft, containing in it various features that accommodate a shared, collective play-style between players who enjoy gaming together. The Groups feature follows a similar basis.

    For supporters, friends will have a blue symbol next to their username in the Chat, letting you know they are your friend. This will appear in all Chat channels, including in private messages.

    Release and Development(top)

    Before its October of 2015 release, much of this feature's development was shown on Aikar's live streams.


    Adding someone as a friend allows a player to see cross-server login notifications. When a player joins a server, that player's friends will be able to see which server they have just connected to. This excludes quick rejoins. You can also see all your currently online friends by using the /friends online command.

    Dropped items(top)

    If you die in the Wastelands or in the Wilderness and drop all of your items, and you are not currently online, all your added friends will also be able to pick up those items. You can /vouch for them if you are online.

    Anti-Griefing System(top)

    The Friends System is integrated with the Anti-Griefing System, in that friends can be granted block-breaking permissions and/or the ability to pass these permissions onto others. For more information, see the prior link, and the Commands: Anti-Griefing System page.

    Integration with Player Settings(top)

    A few features of the friends system have settings associated with them, which can be toggled in the Friends section of the Player Settings function. Anti-Grief settings are also integrated with friends. Please see the Player Settings page for more information.

    Additional features for the friend system have been incrementally added. The October 15th release introduced just the foundation of the friend system.


    See the Commands: Friends page to view a list of Commands relevant to the Friends System.

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