Coding With Aikar - 10/14/15

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  1. [IMG]It's that time again! Coding with Aikar! I have updated my OBS, which fixes the bugs I was having, and appears to be much more stable and many new features... (OBS MP 0.12).

    Now spruced up the stream with branding... and webcam!

    Before I never used webcam because quality was so low, but I bought a new one just so I can get back to doing this :)

    So, watch now!

    Going to work on some performance improvements I've brainstormed and maybe some other EMC things, who knows. Aiming to go for about 1hr, so I can watch an EP of TV before bed :)

    No mumble, please use Hitbox chat :) Going to have some music playing too.
  2. Hit box tv, twitch is way better
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  3. Good lord i thought the site broke haha
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  4. its extremely laggy :D
  5. Sadly i cant watch streaming, it always gets stuck at loading..... takes about 30 mins for a 2 min video on youtube lol.
  6. I can connect to the stream and see what he's doing but I can't connect to the chat even though it says it should take no more than 30 seconds. Its been 15 minutes. Chat doesn't work. I've made an account for the site before anyone ask if I've made one or not.
  7. I watched for a few seconds got a ad and then left.
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  9. It won't load for me. I am pretty sure my internet connection is not the issue.
  10. I tried to watch, got in after it was done. tried to sign in just to say Hi, but someone had all registered my name. oh well.

  11. I don't like watching these because I got called rude and was berated in chat for answering someone's question one time.. :oops:
  12. Dang! I was fast asleep at the time of this stream! :mad:

    Any way to watch it back? (There's no video in the VOD)
  13. Dang I must of had it turned off.

    Sadly we had a bad night lol. Lots of stream issues getting OBS and hitbox happy, OBS crashed once or twice, Desktop streaming was flickering, and then I ended up going into a lot of debate with peers on figuring out if my plans for what I Was going to work on was the right solution or not.

    So, no where near as much coding was done as Intended.
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  14. Ya but stuff got blown up so not a total loss :D
  15. How does 1 persons behavior in chat (which is typical in any internet chat room to have someone be rude) relate to the activity itself :3

    Well handle it if someones rude (I did have chin moderate last night)
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  16. I'm confused...
  17. Sad to hear it went that bad. :(

    I know OBS can be a pain sometimes. I'm having the same problems as you're describing. OBS crashing might have something to do with out-of-date video card drivers, but I still have no clue about the desktop capture acting so weird (my OBS just shows a black screen and loads 1 frame a minute or so)

    Hope the next stream (if one) goes better :)