Commands: Groups

Sep 28, 2018
Commands: Groups
  • This page lists all Group-related Commands. You can also use the alias /gr instead of /group as a shortcut.

    Group Commands(top)

    • /join [name] - Joins the last group you were invited to. Specifying the name of someone in a public group will allow you to join that group.
    • /invite Name - Invites players to your Group, or creates one with the invited player(s). This can be used for multiple players by adding more names. Example: /invite Maxarias Aikar JustinGuy IcecreamCow.
    • /gtp Name- Teleports you to the player known as Name.The player must be a member of the same group.
      • You cannot teleport from within the Town to the Wastelands and vice versa.
      • The player needs to allow group teleporting (it is on by default).
    • /group allowtp - Toggles the ability to teleport to other group members using /gtp.
    • /group kick Name - Allows the leader to kick a player from your Group.
    • /group leave - Allows you to leave your current group.
    • /group leader Name - Changes the group leader to the specified person.
    • /group who - Shows you all of the current members of your group.
    • /group block - Blocks all incoming group invites.
    • /group unblock - Unblocks all incoming group invites.
    • /group xpshare - Toggles group EXP sharing.
    • /group PvP - Toggles team-attack in the PvP arenas.
    • /group buffs - Toggles the ability to apply for group bonus buffs, such as Haste, Resistance, and Regeneration.
    • /group difficulty [#] - Locks the group to a difficulty level. Setting this to 0 will allow players to choose their own difficulty.
    • /group invites - Allows/disallows players, other than the group leader, from inviting players.
    • /group purpose <reason for the group/activity> - Sets a purpose for the group which is shown to invited players and in announcements about public Groups.
    • /group public - Toggles whether the group can be joined by anyone. See Groups page.
    The Anti-Griefing System is integrated with the Group and Friends Systems. View the page Commands: Anti-Griefing System for the relevant Commands.

    The Empire has simple Commands for all of its features, starting with /assist for the basics.