Commands: Groups

Dec 3, 2016
Commands: Groups
  • This page lists all Group-related Commands.

    Group Commands(top)

    • /join - joins the last group you were invited to as long as the invite has not expired.
    • /invite [PlayerName1] [PlayerName2] - invites users to your group. You can type any amount of names; adding more than one name is optional.
      • You may also use /invnear - this allows you to quickly invite all nearby players.
    • /gtp [PlayerName] - Teleports you to PlayerName.
      • The player must be a member of your group.
      • You cannot teleport from within the Town to the Wastelands and vice versa.
      • The player needs to allow group teleporting (on by default).
    • /group allowtp - toggles the ability to teleport to other group members using /gtp.
    • /group kick [PlayerName] - allows the leader to kick a member from the group.
    • /group leave - leaves the group you are currently in.
    • /group leader [PlayerName] - changes the leader of the group.
    • /group who - Show you all current members of your group.
    • /group block - blocks incoming group invites.
    • /group unblock - unblocks incoming group invites.
    • /group xpshare - toggles group EXP sharing.
    • /group pvp - toggles team-attack in the PvP Arenas.
    • /group buffs - toggles the ability to apply for group bonus buffs, such as Haste, Resistance, and Regeneration.
    • /group difficulty [1-10] - locks the group to a specified difficulty level. Setting this to zero will allow players to choose their own difficulty.
    • /group invites - allows/disallows players other than the group leader from inviting other players.
    Note: you can also use the alias /gr instead of /group, which is shorter.

    The Anti-Griefing System is integrated with the Group and Friends Systems. View the page Commands: Anti-Griefing System for the relevant Commands.

    Notes on group teleporting(top)

    In the Town (or Town-like environments like the Wasteland and Frontier outposts) all group members can teleport to each other an infinite number of times as long as teleporting is allowed within the group and as long as the destination player also allows this.

    In the Wastelands or the wilderness, some extra restrictions apply to the use of group teleportation:
    • Players need to be within 48 blocks of each other. Note that 3D distance is measured.
    • You may only teleport to other players once every 15 minutes.
    • Players need to have been out of combat for at least 3 minutes.
    • You cannot teleport while falling or gliding.
    Players can use the Player Settings menu (/ps command) to change if they want to allow others players to teleport to them. See the [Misc] section.

    The Empire has simple Commands for all of its features, starting with /assist for the basics.

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