Commands: Vault

Jan 15, 2019
Commands: Vault
  • This page lists all Vault Commands.

    Vault Commands(top)

    • /vaults - Opens a user interface from which you can press buttons to open any available Vault page or buy more pages
    • /vault - Opens the first page of your Vault.
    • /vault [Page Number] - Opens the specified page of your Vault.
    • /vault [Page Name] - Opens a Vault page by its name.
    • /vault info - Lists the pages of your Vault.
    • /vault expand - Purchases another page for your Vault.
    • /vault name [Page Number] [New Name] - Renames a page of your Vault.
    • /vault name [Page Number] - Resets the name of a specified page.
    The Empire has simple Commands for all of its features, starting with /assist for the basics.

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