Commands: Stables and Animal Controls

Sep 29, 2023
Commands: Stables and Animal Controls
  • This page lists all Commands for horses and stables. Please see this page for a full explanation on how you can use your stables.

    Horse/Llama/Camel Commands(top)

    • /horse - Lists the currently mounted horse/llama/camel's Attributes.
    • /horse release - Releases the currently mounted horse/llama/camel.
    • /horse riders +[playername] - Adds a player to the list of allowed riders on a currently mounted horse/llama/camel.
    • /horse riders -[playername] - Removes a player from the list of allowed riders on the currently mounted horse/llama/camel.

    Stables Commands(top)

    • /stable - Lists the horse/llama/camel's stored in your stables.
    • /stable store - Stores currently the mounted horse/llama/camel.
    • /stable summon [#]- Summons a horse/llama/camel that you will begin riding at your current location.
      • Shortcut: /stable get [#]
    • /stable expand - Expands maximum stable slots for a cost of 25k Rupees.

    Parrot Commands(top)

    • /parrotrelease <left/right/both>
      • Shortcuts for 'parrotrelease': /prel, /releaseshoulders, /ejectshoulders, or /relsh
    • /parroteggify <left/right/both>
      • Shortcuts for 'parroteggify': /egg, /eggifyshoulders, or /eggsh
    The Empire has simple Commands for all of its features, starting with /assist for the basics.