Commands: Chat

Jun 12, 2021
Commands: Chat
  • This page lists all of the Chat-related Commands.

    Chat Commands(top)

    In all of these Commands, /chat may be replaced by /ch or /c as a shortcut. You may also use the channel letter instead of the full channel name to refer to a specific channel.
    • /chat [Channel] - Sets your active channel. All future messages you send will be directed to this channel. You may also click the channel's letter in the Chat box to change channels. A list of available channels can be found on the Chat page.
      • Shortcut: /c[ChannelFirstLetter]
      • Shortcut: @[Channel]
    • /qm [Channel] [Message] - Sends a quick message to a channel without setting it as your active channel.
      • You may also send a one-time quick message by using any of the /chat forms above and appending your message to it.
        • Example: @[Channel] [Message]
    • /chat who - Tells you who can see any messages you send in your active channel.
      • Shortcut: /cw
    • /ignore [PlayerName] [Reason] - Prevents you from seeing a specific player's messages. Ignores are temporary, and will expire after one month. Repeat this command immediately to extend the duration of the ignore.
      Note: You cannot ignore staff members.
    • /unignore [PlayerName] - Un-ignores someone you have previously ignored.
    • /ignore list - displays a list of the players you have ignored. Hover over a name to see their ignore reason.
    • /tell [PlayerName] - Starts a private conversation with the specified player. You may also click a player's name when they speak in the Chat box, and a private conversation between you and that player will start.
      • Shortcut: @[PlayerName]
    • /tell [PlayerName] [Message] - Sends a one-time private message.
      • Shortcut: @[PlayerName] [Message]
    • /reply [Message] - Replies to the last private message you have received.
      • Shortcut: @@[Message]
    • /telllog [PageNumber] - Shows an overview of your private messages that were sent and received during the last 24 hours.
      • Shortcut: /pmlog
    • /chat [on/off] - Toggles the Chat from appearing in the Chat box.
      • /chat off [message] - This one is for Supporters only. Custom reason messages are shown when a player attempts to message you.
    • /chat status [on/off] - Toggles the Chat status (connect/disconnect/ban) messages.
    • /chat tips [on/off] - Toggles random Chat tips.
    • /chat tip - Displays a random tip.
    • /chat [hide/show/toggle] [channel] - Hides, shows or toggles the visibility of a specific channel.
    • /chat clear - Clears the messages in your Chat box.
    • /chat alert add [Trigger] - Adds a word or phrase that will trigger an alert sound in the Chat for you when used by other players.
      • The maximum amount of alerts you can have varies based on your Supporter Rank.
        Free: 2
        Iron: 5
        Gold: 10
        Diamond: 50
    • /chat alert remove [Trigger] - Removes an alert you have previously set.
      • Shortcut: /chat alert del [Trigger]
    • /chat alert list - Lists all of your current alerts.
    • /away - Sets "away mode" to let players know you are stepping away for a short amount of time.
      • /away [Message] - For supporters only. Sets an away message in which color codes may be used.
      • Shortcut: /afk
    • /dnd- Toggles Do Not Disturb mode to block private messages only.
      • /dnd [Message] - For supporters only. Sets a Do Not Disturb message in which color codes may be used.
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