Commands: General

Dec 21, 2020
Commands: General
  • This page lists all of Empire Minecraft's general Commands.

    General Commands(top)

    • /help - displays a small, interactive help menu.
    • /rules - displays a shortened in-game version of the Rules. Note: The most up-to-date and official source of our rules is the Rules and Moderation page.
    • /staff - lists staff members that are currently online, as well as the server they are currently connected to. You may also use the command /mods or the command /admins.
    • /report [PlayerName] [Reason] - reports a player to the staff members for breaking the rules. Abusing this command will result in a punishment. See the Reporting Guide for how to effectively report someone.
    • /who [ServerName] - shows who is currently online on a specified server. Leave ServerName blank to view who is on the server you are connected to.
      • /list - checks who is online on the server you are currently connected to.
    • /pinfo [PlayerName] - retrieves the information of a player. If you are standing on a residence, it displays the information about the residence's owner.
      • Shortcut: /p [PlayerName]
    • /newplayers - lists all of the online players who have joined Empire Minecraft in the past 30 days for the server you are currently connected to.
      • Shortcut: /newp
    • /colors - displays the color codes that you may use on signs, residence messages, AFK messages, and Do Not Disturb messages. Note: The ability to use colors may be subject to your supporter status for some features.
      • Shortcut: /color
    • /entcount - tells you how many present entities (animals, mobs, armor stands, and dropped items) there are within the residence you are standing on in the Town or in an area in the wilderness. See the Changes from Vanilla Minecraft page for more details.
      • Shortcut: /entc
    • /entc view - gives a per-chunk view of the entities in the area you're standing in.
    • /tps - checks the server lag. Anything below 20 has the potential to cause slight lag. If a lower TPS persists, please report it to staff.
    • /ping - displays your current ping.
    • /promo - lists the currently available Promotional Items with the full names that can be used.
      • /promo [PromoName] - redeems the specified promotional item.
    • /psettings- opens the Player Settings menu.
      • Shortcut: /ps
    • /diff - displays the current Player Difficulty information.
      • /diff [#] - sets the player's difficulty for the current server.
    • /time - displays the official EMC Time, which is equivalent to U.S. Eastern Standard Time.
    • /location - shows your current world, your coordinates, and the distance to your Compass's target.
      • Shortcut: /loc
    • /server smp[#] - switches servers on the Empire. Use /go for an interactive interface.
      • Shortcut: /smp[#]
    • /dispose [soulbound] - opens a chest interface with the ability to drop items in it for permanent disposal. You can use the optional soulbound argument to allow you to dispose of soulbound items.
      • Shortcut: /trash
    • /deathlog - displays your five most recent deaths on the server you are currently connected to.
      • Shortcut: /dlog
    • /deathlog true - displays your five most recent deaths with the causes of death on the server you are currently connected to.
      • Shortcut: /dlog true
    • /deletespawn - Removes your bed or respawn anchor spawn location on that server.
    • /itemhistory - shows which player(s) have repaired the item you are holding. Items repaired using the Mending enchant are not displayed here.
    • /direction- shows which direction you are facing.
      • Shortcut: /dir
    • /telllog - displays private messages from the last 24 hours.
      • Shortcut: /pmlog
    • /vote fixitem - fixes Vote Bonus Items to display the correct username of the owner (only applicable for players that obtained voter's items with older names who then changed their name), and also changes looting III to fortune III on older voter's tools.
    • /note set [PlayerName] [Note] - adds a message that will be shown when the command /p is used on a specified player. Notes are only visible to the player who has set the note.
    • /note add [PlayerName] [Note] - adds to the existing note. This feature is only available for supporters.
    • /note clear [PlayerName] - removes a player's note from their Player Information (/p).
    • /discord - displays the URL to EMC's Discord server, where you can Chat with the Community across voice and text.
    • /claimxp - After the Survival Updates 2.0 removed cross-server XP, this command allows you to claim previously earned XP and lock it to whichever server you type it on.
    • /sessionlog [# of sessions] - Displays details of previous EMC sessions. # of sessionsdisplayed can only go up to a maximum of 10.
      • Shortcut: /slog
    The Empire has simple Commands for all of its features, starting with /assist for the basics.

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