Player Information

Feb 19, 2023
Player Information
  • PLEASE NOTE: The contents of this page are intended to be used by developers only. While you are more than welcome to experiment and create amazing stuff with these APIs, we can't guarantee we'll be able to support you in doing so. Anything made with our APIs must adhere to the EMC Terms & Conditions and API Rules.
    The Player Information APIs can be used to show information about a specified player, including first login, last seen, vote bonus, and more.

    View the API Reference page for information concerning the use of EMC's APIs.


    You can access this API by performing a GET request on the URL You should replace the 'Username' with the name of the player you want the information of.


    Example Response:

    Please note that this example response is for illustrative purposes - this is the format in which the results will be given in.


    The results are given in name-value pairs, meaning each data point is listed as "attribute":"value". A spoiler below lists each of the Attributes, and what their values mean.
    user_id: The player's user ID, used internally with things such as with Locking Items.
    uuid: Universally Unique Identifier; used by EMC as well as Minecraft, to distinguish you from other players. See this Minecraft Wiki page for more info.
    name: The player's username.
    first_login: The Unix timestamp of the player's first login date, in EMC Time. All times output using this API are in Unix time.
    last_seen: The time of when the player was last online, or when they joined the server they're currently on (if they are online).
    votebonus: The player's current vote bonus.
    lastvote: The time of when the player last voted.
    votemax: The highest vote bonus the player has had.
    max_res: The number of Residences the player can claim without being a supporter or a staff member.
    texp_month: The player's current monthly Total Earned Experience Points.
    texp_life: The player's current lifetime Total Earned Experience Points.
    derelict_protection: Boolean; whether or not a Permanent Derelict Protection is applied to the player's account.
    user_group: The player's User Group, used internally to distinguish what rank that player is.
    Guest = 0
    Regular = 1
    Iron Supporter = 2
    Gold Supporter = 3
    Diamond Supporter = 4
    Developer = 6
    Moderator = 7
    Senior Staff = 8
    Administrator = 9
    Owner = 10
    server_id: The ID of the server the player is currently on.
    SMP1 = 1
    SMP2 = 2
    SMP3 = 4
    SMP4 = 5
    SMP5 = 6
    SMP6 = 7
    SMP7 = 8
    SMP8 = 9
    SMP9 = 10
    Utopia = 3
    Games Server = 200
    banned: Boolean; whether or not the player is currently banned.
    banned_by: The staff member who banned the player, if they are banned.
    last_votes: Provides the player's last votes on each of the specified voting sites.

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