Useful Threads

May 16, 2020
Useful Threads
  • There are many threads created by users and staff members that do not get pinned and/or are hard to find. You can find some of those useful threads here.

    EMC Shops and Attractions(top)

    Created by MatthewDA
    You can find a massive list of small and large shops on every server here.

    EMC Map Hub(top)

    Created by JDHallows
    The EMC Map Hub is a version of the livemap with even more features, including the ability to select a specific SMP or outpost, all in one map.

    Updated Residence Templates(top)

    Created by supereskimo
    If you need to plan out a creation in singleplayer before building it, this is for you. The world download contains a recreation of a standard residence and a Utopian residence. This will help you ensure that your new creation will fit and look exactly the way you want.

    EMC Market buy/sell portal(top)

    Created by azoundria
    This is a Website dedicated to mapping the prices of both buy and sell shops across the Empire. The database is ran by the Community, and players are encouraged to update the prices with shops they find.

    How to make money on EMC(top)

    Created by cTJx
    Many players see having millions of Rupees as a long term goal. Others just cannot seem to have more than a few Rupees in their account at any given time. In either case, try some of the tips in the thread to have some more pocket change.

    How to get a thread added to this page(top)

    Please PM MoreMoople with the thread URL and a description of the thread. The thread will be reviewed, and, if approved, it will be added to this list.

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