Kicked for Flying

Jun 17, 2016
Kicked for Flying
  • You're probably seeing this page because you were kicked for hacking by our automated hack detection system. The incident that caused you to be kicked has been logged, so we advise you read this whole page to understand why you have been kicked.

    I wasn't hacking:
    If you weren't hacking, don't worry. Sometimes, things such as block lagging can flag your account and cause you to be autokicked. Provided you are not actually hacking, you will never be banned. However, it's probably a good idea to not do what caused you to be kicked again.

    I was hacking:
    If you were hacking, stop now. This is your only warning.

    It is against our rules to hack. If you are caught hacking by a staff member, you will receive a permaban and your account will be reset. Remove your hacks now if you wish to continue playing on Empire Minecraft. If you are banned from one of our servers, you are banned from all of them.

    Did we miss something?

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